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Dream Interpretation 3


I only recall very limited details from this dream and thought that it may not be worth interpreting/analysing. However, I changed my mind due to the fact that the fragments which I could remember involved my teeth - a significant recurring motif in many of my dreams for a number of years.

Main environment
I do not know.


Myself; PS (boyfriend) and an elderly male (unknown to me in dream and real-life).

PS and I were joined by the elderly male. The male held out both hands to show me two different cheeses, one in each hand. He told me the names of the cheeses - one which was named "Jackson", the other in French. He then informed me that the French variety was of a better quality. The next thing I recall, I was in a state of panic and my teeth began to fall out. I started touching my mouth to find out what was wrong and at that moment woke up, still in a state of panic. 

To dream of cheese represents gains or profit on one hand, or that something may be 'cheesy' or silly on the other. It may also be a sign that you need to smile more in waking-life. Other sources indicate that cheese may be symbolic of disappointment or hopelessness. Generally, food in dreams in symbolic of spiritual, sensual or emotional nurturing. 

To hear French spoken in a dream (if you are a non-French speaker) symbolises a romantic or sensual aspect of your waking life or an unwillingness to understand a situation. it may also mean that you are not giving enough attention to a relationship existing in real-life. 

To dream of teeth may indicate that in real-life you have had contact with sickness or disquieting persons. Loose teeth are interpreted as an indication or forewarning of failure anticipated in a real-life scenario and may also be representative of anxiety as to appearance or how others perceive you in real-life. The motif of the tooth is very common in dreams and may stem from feelings of rejection; impotence or fear of ageing. Additionally, teeth have been interpreted to represent a fear of social embarrassment; failure and lack of power in a real-life situation, or inadequacy in self-expression.

Such is the frequency of teeth motifs in recalled dreams, many cultures have interpreted the meaning, albeit in slightly different ways - here are some of the more 'popular' determinations of what a 'tooth dream' may represent:
  1. Malnutrition/poor diet (traditional meaning - cross-cultural)
  2. Family member ill or near death (Greek)
  3. Faith is misplaced in man as opposed to God (scriptural)
  4. Telling lies (Chinese)
  5. Monetary gain and wealth (mythical - i.e. the tooth fairy) 
This was an easy dream to interpret as very few symbols were recalled. It is broadly accurate, as I do feel that I often have difficulty expressing myself adequately, particularly in strained familial relationships (relevant at the current time). There are also relationships I do not dedicate enough time or attention to, due to current lifestyle choices, which makes me feel frustrated at myself. 

'Jackson' possibly refers to Jackson Pollock as I downloaded some images of his art from the internet in the days preceding this dream.

I admit that I do fear ageing and failing to achieve goals expected of me as a result of my educational background and past successes in academia/career and social activities and feel that I am letting life slide by without fully living it - which does cause feelings of embarrassment, both socially and in close relationships. In the week prior to this dream (real-life), a person with whom I find it incredibly difficult to communicate made a comment about women and ageing (to the effect of - a woman loses her looks in her late 20s/early 30s) which insulted me as I felt it was a sly dig at the fact I like to dress provocatively and am often mistaken for several years younger than my true age, whereas the other person was middle-aged and perhaps envious. This particular person also complained to me, contemporaneously to this dream (i.e. within the past fortnight or so) about a tooth complaint they were currently suffering from. My real-life feelings regarding the 'fate befalling women approaching the age of 30' were that of anxiety and fear (at this stage, posting these old notes on today's date, it may be wise to confess that I suffer from anxiety generally i.e. I have daily bouts of anxious thought and am susceptible to panic attacks which I am able to control successfully now, but which may not have been the case at the time this dream was recorded. 

Although I did state on my introduction to my blog that I was keen not to make value judgements about myself or my personality as I wish to disseminate the essence of who I am through my dream interpretations/psychological methodology, it seems inappropriate not to mention that anxieties I refer to in my real-life when analysing dream interpretations, or generally discussing reactions to events/thoughts may be a result of a personal disposition; may not be rational and do not necessarily reflect my general thought processes/perception of events. What do I mean? Well, above I refer to anxiety about ageing and approaching 30 - anxiety I experienced as a result of comments made directly to myself and generally due to social attitudes regarding youth and  life expectations (i.e. no career, no children, not married, not on property ladder, living like a teenager...etc). These were recurrent anxieties which would have consumed me at the time of this dream, based on what I can see from my records and remember being present for several years during my late 20s. However, now at the time of compiling my blog

I have (or had, at this time) some insecurity regarding my physical appearance - particularly my mouth - I fear the dentist (I have not been in 19 years, adding some weight to the great myth that British people don't look after their oral health!) and have real-life anxieties about my teeth to the extent of experiencing a full panic attack at the thought of tooth loss (which thankfully has never actually happened, although such thoughts are recurrent and stress-inducing). 

Over the past couple of years and during the time that this dream would have taken place (bearing in mind, as I type up these notes in December 2012 for my new blog, the same problem is still ongoing allowing me to make that assumption, without the benefit of dating in my old dream records) I was experiencing chronic bouts of pain/discomfort and tooth numbness as a result of unchecked wisdom teeth coming through. The fact that dreaming of cheese is an indication that you may need to smile more is also very telling - due to the insecurities about my teeth I very rarely ever exhibit a full, wide smile. Recently I had been on the internet researching scientific theories of smiling, after I read an online newspaper article about the perfect smile and how the most successful (i.e. in social/business interactions) or the most beautiful (as perceived by society generally as rated by western audiences/analysis of social trends) have the most charismatic, photogenic and alluring smiles - a combination of expressive, creased eyes and lifted cheeks (signalling the smile is genuine), an arched, defined Cupid's bow; and teeth shown, but no gums (which signals aggression and confrontation - like an animal barring it's teeth). As I was contemplating compiling a portfolio of modelling shots, I was hoping to achieve a photogenic, albeit very contrived, natural smile and considering the possibility of home teeth bleaching. As I write this today, I can confirm that I have substantially less anxiety regarding my physical appearance (as a result of making more effort with hair and make-up and increasing my physical fitness with exercise), but have still not mastered the art of opening my mouth to smile fully for a camera :)
Looking at this dream interpretation with the benefit of hindsight, with the addition of contemporaneous analysis about my then-anxieties, is quite interesting - the dream does seem to reflect my real-life thoughts and emotions at the time, despite the minimal amount of detail I was able to recall.

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