Monday, 19 December 2011

Dream Interpretation 9


This is another undated dream, recorded from many years ago. Where I have an approximate or exact date for a dream, I will of course state at the top of my post.

Main environment
A normal, nondescript bathroom (although not my own in real-life, it seemed to be a domestic bathroom as opposed to a public restroom). I was standing at the sink, looking into the mirror above the basin unit. There was a bright light overhead.

I do not know.


Myself  (as I appear in real-life - from my research I note that it is very common to see a significantly altered appearance when looking at your reflection in a dream mirror).

I was staring at my reflection in the mirror above the sink. I touched my cheek and noticed that there was a hole in it, but the flesh felt much thicker than it looked or what would be physically. I poked my fingers into the hole in my cheek and saw there was tuna in there – as if my face was made of fish, just below the surface of the skin. I started to pick the tuna out of my cheek – it came away in long shreds. I felt worried, then I woke up.

Potential triggers
No records.

To dream that you are in a bathroom relates to your instinctual urges. You may be experiencing some burdens from which you need to relieve yourself. Alternatively, a bathroom may symbolise purification and self-renewal. 

To see your reflection in a mirror is representative of introspection or pondering your own thoughts. You may be contemplating strengthening or changing aspects of your character in real-life. What the dreamer sees in the mirror reflects your subconscious persona and responses to yourself. Seeing the material in the mirror is a ‘safe’ way of addressing confronting subconscious thoughts/feelings. Mirrors also symbolise the imagination and the link between the subconscious and conscious mind. Some interpretations suggest that the reflection of yourself seen in a dream mirror is symbolic of your true subconscious identity. The reflection may highlight either attributes or flaws, depending on how you subconsciously view yourself and sometimes, the way you wish you were perceived by others. If your appearance seems altered, this shows a form of identity crisis in waking life. 

To see your own cheeks in a dream signified intimacy, closeness and commitment and may also represent strength of character or opinions. The emphasis on cheeks in a dream may also point to health problems. To dream that you are injured or physically hurt in some way is a symbol of the need to heal old wounds.

Tuna is representative of agility and stamina and is also symbolic of strengthening the character and personal transition. 

This dream is very old and therefore I have absolutely no recollection of my real-life circumstances at the time, nor did I write any additional notes which would give me some clues to work from.

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