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Dream Interpretation 4


I am going to have a little difficulty in describing this dream, as it wasn't the most simple of dream scenarios and for the most part of the dream it felt like I was passively observing a series of scenes involving other people, without actually interacting with them or taking part in any of the events. I often experience dreams like this – where I’m looking down on the actions of others as if I’m hovering slightly above the scene I’m observing rather than standing at ground level. Immediately upon waking, I recounted this dream to PS, which helped me properly remember it every element I was able to recall in the instance of waking up. However, there were some parts I am cloudy on - the identity of certain people, the context some of the events took place in, etc...

Main environment
Difficult to determine - at first it seemed as if I were outside, watching  a road. The next scene was some form of amateur fashion show in an interior setting, of which I recall no particular detail other than the fact there was a makeshift runway and I was seated with PS in chairs before it.

I only recall that the outside scene at the start of the dream took place during the day. 

Our dog, N; PS; our friend DR; a young white, British woman of average build, mid-length brunette hair, not particularly attractive (not known to me in real-life, working in the unlikely role of 'catwalk model'); a UK urban music act, who did not appear as 'characters' as such, but rather were referred to in a conversation (they exist in real-life although I am not personally acquainted with them). There may have been other characters, but I really have no recollection. 

I was watching a road, saying nothing and interacting with no-one. I saw N walking in a road (no particular road that I know in real-life). In slow motion, he was hit by a car and I was aware (not sure how) that he had one of his back legs amputated. I do not recall actually seeing the amputated leg in the dream. Next I was somehow aware that this course of events actually happened to a female human, not N as I had ‘witnessed’ in the earlier scene. I was then sitting in the room, watching the runway at a fashion show. PS was there, but I was not aware of anyone else. The girl with the damaged leg was a model at the show. It turned out that her leg was not amputated, but instead deformed. She was modelling a pair of navy and white-striped Adidas tracksuit bottoms and a white vest top and was causing a fuss - as her deformed leg (not visible beneath the trousers) was preventing her from modelling. PS and I had a discussion about this, which I can't remember. Next thing, I was listening to a conversation between PS and some others. Apparently a UK rap act known to him and his friends had been contracted to model some cheap, ugly white trainers in a catalogue, but they didn't show up for the shoot. Our friend DR was pictured modelling the shoes instead and we looked at the catalogue. There was more conversation. 

Potential triggers
I had been searching for pictures of Kate Moss earlier that day and had viewed the Corinne Day 3rd Summer of Love images, one of which depicts Kate wearing some navy/black and white Adidas shorts. PS does know of a UK urban music act - who have recently been offered a music deal - I had overheard this conversation between him and others, sometime in the last couple of days (prior to the dream). As a matter of course, I read fashion journalism several times a week – reading magazines or viewing online photographs from runway shows and therefore this is likely to have been a trigger for the runway show/modelling themes of this dream. Further PS’s friends had tagged a photograph on Facebook which with a description which jokingly referred to Britain’s Next Top Model, which might explain the reference to a modelling contract being offered to an acquaintance. 
Corinne Day - Kate Moss, 3rd Summer of Love (The Face, 1990)
Dogs represent intuition, loyalty, fidelity and protections and demonstrate that strong values will enable you to go forward. The dog may also represent someone else in waking life who shows such qualities.

To dream of a car accident symbolises your emotional state - it may be a warning to slow down. However this interpretation seems to refer to an accident involving the dreamer. Amputation represents abandonment and serious permanent loss, but it can also reflect a situation which has been ignored for a long time finally reaching a crisis point. Dreams about amputated legs mean that there is some form of limitation or hindrance in the dreamer's waking life - however, again the interpretation for these symbols refer to events happening to the self (the dreamer), as opposed to others.

If you dream of someone else's legs, this represents admiration for that person and a desire/need to adopt the qualities of this individual. If you dream that your own leg is wounded, this signifies a lack of balance/autonomy or lack of courage to take a stand. Generally, shoes represent your approach to life, whilst to dream of a photograph is a sign that a relationship in your waking life needs attention. 

To see a fashion model in your dream represents an image that you want to portray. You are trying to be someone or something that you are not. Alternatively, it symbolises your idea of beauty. You are striving for something that you cannot attain. To see or dream of a catwalk represents new found confidence and the enjoyment of being the centre of attention. It may symbolise that you are being recognised for your talents or creativity. Alternatively, the dream could mean that you are using your appearance to get your way and a need to look to the interior of your person. If you are walking down the catwalk this represents new found direction and confidence; a need to be the centre of attention or fulfilment of creative talent. 

To see a woman in your dream symbolises nurturing, caring and passivity. It may refer to your mother or your own female attributes - and alternatively guilt and temptation. 

To see books in your dream indicate calmness. You are moving toward your goals at a slow and steady pace. Books also symbolise knowledge, intellect, information and wisdom. In particular, to see an open book in your dream means that you are able to grasp new ideas with ease. The type of book seen in the dream should be considered. The dream may also represent your calling into a specific field of work or an area that you need to devote more study to. Alternatively, the dream could be telling you not to judge a book by its cover.

This was a very difficult dream to interpret, as for the most part I was observing the actions of others and on the surface not much seemed to be happening. However, what could be interpreted is interesting, given the fact that I immerse myself in the world of fashion/beauty and spend endless time thinking and altering my appearance - a lot of my dream interpretations seemed to suggest an undue emphasis on looks. Weirdly, in the past few days I have also made a very good new friend (with a matching fashion/beauty obsession) which could have been reflected in this dream, although the particular female character I dreamt of bore no physical (or indeed other) resemblance to the real-life female. The inclusion of other characters in the dream is explained by the fact they were lodged in my subconscious mind at some stage shortly prior to the dream, by them being referred to/directly present in real-life.

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