Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dream Interpretation 7


Main environment
This dream was more like a ‘dream vision’ – other than ‘seeing’ and hearing my own voice, I experienced nothing – no interaction with other persons and no sense of the reality or situation in which I was placed. Therefore, there was no “environment” to speak of.

There was no notion of day/night. 

Myself only (as some form of omnipresent overseer) – I was not aware of the existence of others. 

My field of vision was filled with a huge bright pink object – I could not make out its actual form, definition or true size, although I could see that it was embossed with a large, glistening gold 2-dimensional fan shape – quite Oriental in its appearance. I could hear gentle, beautiful harp music playing and I heard my own voice commenting that I preferred this harp music to the sound of a ringing bell. I then became aware that the harp music had finished and there was the shrill piercing ring of a bell. I do not recall anything further.

Potential triggers
Pink and gold are two of my favourite colours. Earlier in the day my boyfriend had showed me a harp sound effect on his mobile phone – and we’d both commented on how nice it had sounded. 

The meaning of the colour pink appearing in a dream depends on the shade – the ‘hotter’ the colour, the more likely it is to represent lust and sexual desire, but generally it is reflective of feelings of love, affection, joy and kindness. Alternatively, it may symbolise immaturity, weakness and dependency and if the dreamer dislikes the colour (in their waking life) – perhaps problems with parents. I was unable to find an appropriate interpretation of the pink object – as my recollection of what it was is so vague – I was unable to make out its shape, purpose or texture and all I felt when looking at it (and hearing the peaceful harp music) was a feeling of contentment and wonder. However, to see a fan in your dream can represent changes in your life and the need to calm down after a emotionally turbulent or strenuous period or state in your waking life. The colour gold is reflective of refinement in your surroundings, spiritual reward and richness. It is also a signifier of determination and unyielding character – the dreamer is ambitious and driven. 

To see or play (interpretations do not refer specifically to hearing – in my dream I did not see the harp, only the pink object) a harp represents spiritual harmony and dialogue with nature; it is a healing symbol. Alternatively, it may be a pun on the concept of “harping on” about a particular matter – a sign that you are hounding someone or pushing hard on a certain issue in your waking life. The ringing of a bell is a warning or a call to order and may also symbolise change or the beginning of something new. It may be a warning from the unconscious to prepare for the coming of change. If the bell ceases to stop ringing, this is a sign of extreme anxiety in the dreamer. 

This was quite a lot of in-depth analysis considering the vagueness and brevity of this odd dream. However, I fully believe that the only reason the ‘harp music’ was relevant and such a recalled feature of this dream was my hearing a snippet of a similar sound effect earlier that evening. Yet the fact that I listen to a lot of music and that particular piece stuck in my subconscious mind and resurfaced in dream form is interesting – demonstrating the potency of dream ‘triggers’. 

In terms of the rest of the interpretation – it was quite telling. Basically, the main elements I could extrapolate are:
  1. change and the beginning of something new;
  2. a readiness and need to confront emotional situations with determination; 
  3. warning not to over-invest emotions or suffer anxiety in testing circumstances. 
Broadly speaking, this is very appropriate. At the moment I am being forced to demonstrate my determination and tenacity in dealing with a personal issue in which I feel that significant decision-making on the part of others involved in the situation has been subject to undue delay. This has effectively prevented me from fully embracing changes in my life and at times I have found that this issue has consumed my thoughts, provoking feelings of anxiety/frustration which I have fought hard to suppress and deal with calmly and collectedly.

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