Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dream 45

This was a very strange dream which comprised of a series of random, seemingly unconnected scenes. I woke up twice during the night (well, it was actually during the early hours of the morning) and on each occasion I could recall the parts of the dream I had just had and was able to fall asleep thinking of what had happened, allowing me to reenter a dream state quickly. 

In the first scene I was annoyed because my hair was dirty and needed washing. I recalled that in real-life, hours before I fell asleep, I had actually washed my hair. Remembering this added to my annoyance as I felt that it would be a waste of time given it had already been done. I then looked in a mirror and saw that my hair was dark brown at the roots, orange-yellow in the mid-sections and black at the tips, as if it had been dip-dyed. I was shocked and felt ugly.

I was then sitting at my desk in the bedroom of my London home. I was scratching lines into a piece of paper using a huge kitchen knife. I was attempting to write words, but I was unable to do so as the paper tore. I lifted it from the desk and saw I had cut a huge hole in the surface of the desk. Behind me was a white adult male, bare chested and only clothed from the waist downwards. He was unknown to me in the dream and in real-life. There was a small cartoon fairy (like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan in size) flapping her wings and hovering by his shoulder. The male handed her the butt-end of half a cigarette (unlit) and then asked her to massage his back. I watched the fairy massage him for a short time.

I was then looking at white space. My mum's voice said: "Choose the best one" and as I looked, three 'dragons' were depicted in the foreground of the space. They resembled over-sized bluebottle flies. The third one was just a blue and black scribble. I chose the last, scribbled one.

I was then in a hall or canteen, which was brightly lit and filled with tables and chairs where people were seated. I was then sitting at a table with an old school-friend I haven't been in contact with for many years, AP. She Behind us, sitting at another table, was another former school-friend, MS. MS invited AP to a party. He didn't specifically invite me and I felt left out. Standing up, beside MS was another male. I could only see his jeans and a red checked lumberjack-style shirt. AP and I debated as to whether this male was who we thought he was, although we didn't mention a name - we came to the conclusion we didn't know the standing male and had simply mistaken him for someone else. My grandmother PC was then in the room. I stood up to speak to her and we had a screaming argument, both of us grabbing the other one and pulling, aggressively. It was a very violent, loud conflict. It seemed that PC did not want me to socialise with AP or MS. I shouted at her as I finally got myself free from her grip. I was enraged and found myself standing by the living-room window of PC's Sheringham home, staring out into the night. 

I then saw myself in the mirror again. Without lifting my eyelid, I saw I had a growth there, behind my eyelashes. It was about the size of a pound coin and looked like a bright pink nipple. I felt scared and anxious. I got a hot wet flannel (like a compress) and held it against my eye until I felt the growth burst, spurting pus into my eye. As I turned around, I saw a male figure, unknown to me. He was tall, with dark hair, but I can recall no other defining characteristics. He had long strands of snot coming from his nostrils, which appeared now to be grossly over-sized, like huge black holes in his face. The snot seemed to trail down to his knees and he picked each strand up with his hands. He said: "How are you going to explain this?" I walked away and found myself sitting on a toilet, peeing. I was thinking about the male and tried to remember the word 'snot' but in my dream, I just couldn't think of the word I meant. It felt like it was on the tip of my tongue. I woke up.

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