Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Dream 46

I was watching from a third-person perspective. The landscape around me was arid desert, with sections of lush green grass in places. The sun was hot and bright. Coming into my field of vision, I could see an open carriage being pulled by animals. I do not recall what species of animal it was, but they were large - like horses or perhaps elephants (I watched Earthlings (2005) before falling asleep - this is a documentary about animal cruelty of all forms and featured elephants being mistreated by humans). The person sitting most prominently in the carriage was wearing a navy blue football-style shirt. It was tight across their chest and I could only see the torso of that person. I had the impression I was viewing myself in the third person, but was confused as this 'chest' had no breasts and was totally flat. I felt it couldn't possibly be me, it must be male. The carriage appeared to speed up then, and as it travelled past me, I could see the two persons riding in it. The one wearing the navy football shirt was actually male - I could now see it was my ex-boyfriend SL. He looked rough and unkempt. I saw that to his left a second (third person) version of myself was seated, crouching low, with my head on the side. I therefore only saw myself in profile. I noticed that my cheeks were darker than usual and I had very prominent cheekbones and a deep wrinkle running down the side of my face (like laughter lines) which I do not have in real-life. I was wearing my large silver hoop earrings. 

I was then in my grandmother PC's hallway (by the front door). I was standing next to the shelf where the telephone is kept. PS was with me. He told me that a girl had emailed him to ask him on a date. I asked what her name was. He seemed vague and said he thought it was 'Parvain' or 'Parvayn' (It is not a name I know in real-life). I was questioning him further. He said words to the effect of: "She's a Conservative voter, but she doesn't agree on the policies". I asked him how he could know this from a single email, given that he couldn't remember her name properly. He admitted that he had been having email contact with her for some time. There was more conversation, which I cannot recall.

I was then in my 'dream town' which I have written about at length elsewhere on this Blog. I was starting at the university there (a common location and event in this 'dream town') and had moved into a new room in the halls of residence. The room I was given was well-lit with a door, then a bed situated next to a wardrobe, which in turn was positioned against the wall. The room was small and I cannot recall any other detail about it. I was hugging N the dog (in real-life, whilst dreaming, I was doing the same thing as N was under the duvet). Suddenly I noticed that the wardrobe door had opened and items were slowly moving out. I specifically noticed a large dark brown/black rectangular object (in the side of the wardrobe closest to the bed and myself) coming out. I pushed all the items back in with my hands. I wondered if the rectangular object I had just seen was the monolith (a few days ago I had watched 2001: Space Odyssey (1968) and had a conversation with PS about the significance of the monolith in that film). I wondered if I was older or somehow changed, but I felt normal. However, I was also very fearful and thought to myself that there must be three living organisms in the room now - myself, N and the wardrobe/monolith or whatever was responsible for the items moving out by themselves. I was sitting up in bed. I then leaned over, balancing with my hands on the floor and the rest of my body still in the bed to see what items were on the bottom of the wardrobe. There were various mundane objects, like ringbinder files and packets of food on the floor of the wardrobe. Nothing else looked odd about the content. I saw a multipack of salt and vinegar crisps. It was blue and white. I decided to eat two packets of crisps, which I took from the multipack. I then found myself standing next to the bed, on the side closest to the door. Instead of holding packets of crisps, I was holding a huge joint, which I had apparently just rolled. PS entered the room and I showed him. He said: "That's not cannabis, that's the fake legal high stuff". I picked up a large bag, which was the same one that I had thought was the multipack of salt and vinegar crisps. On one side it was blue and white as I had previously seen, but as I turned it over, I saw that it was clear (filled with a substance that looked like cannabis), and produced by 'Natco' spice company (this is a brand I buy in real-life, I saw the front of the bag in the dream and noticed it resembled the packets of spice downstairs in the kitchen, so checked the name of the brand upon waking). It indeed was a fake cannabis product.

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