Monday, 21 May 2012

Dream 49

Dream date: 18th May 2012

I was in the lounge of PC's (maternal grandmother) house in Sheringham, however this room was now upstairs. I was looking through my belongings (which in reality are stored at this property until I get my own home with space). There was an unfamiliar middle-aged male in the lounge with PC and I. I asked about a certain photograph, which I thought was in a frame. PC said that she hadn't seen the photograph and didn't know what I was talking about. I started arguing and was rummaging through my bags and boxes which had been brought into the living-room. I accused PC of losing or destroying the photograph and she was denying this strenuously. The male was backing up PC, telling me that I was wrong and should stop what I was doing/saying. This argument repeated itself as I frantically searched for the photo. I then noticed that my cousin, HM, was with us. I told her that we should leave together - I was in an angry mood. We turned to leave the room and I saw that the stairs were a composite of those I would expect to see in PC's house, and those of my old former home in Pine Grove, Sheringham (which in reality is a 5 minute walk from PC's home). It was dark on the landing at the top of the stairs. Suddenly PC rushes out of the room and loomed large in front of us, snarling in anger. HM clung to me in fear and said: "She's got a [blank]!" (I cannot recall what the object described by HM and held by PC actually was or what word was used by HM, hence the blank!) PC had something small and white in her hand. She raised it to her mouth and blew on it - like a fluffy white dandelion flower - sending small white things flying into the faces of HM and I as we stood at the top of the stairs, holding onto one another. We both screamed and fled down the stairs and out of the house.

I was then in an office room. There were desks positioned back to back and filing cabinets and stationary commonly associated with an office or workplace. Adjacent to the desks was a clear glass partition wall. I was at one desk working and PS was behind me, doing the same. A young woman walked into the office from the doorway which was next to my desk. She was non-descript and not known to me in real-life. Other than the fact that she was medium-build and had mid-length brown hair and was wearing jeans, I cannot recall any other detail about her. She was holding a CD in her hand. She asked if she could borrow some trousers, but I said 'No'. PS said that she could. I was angry as I was trying to concentrate on whatever work task I was undertaking at the desk. PS told me to go and find the girl a pair of my trousers to lend and I refused, but both he and the female persisted. I said: "The only white trousers I have are the white leggings and they won't fit her" (I do only have two pairs of white trousers - the leggings and a pair of skinny jeans). Nevertheless I was pressurised into finding the white leggings and lending them to the girl.

Next, we were standing at the bottom of a gym or school hall which was empty, but for our group, gathered at one end. Myself, PS and the female (who was now a very short man with dark brown hair and tanned skin) and the other people in the group, who I cannot individually recall, were getting ready to attend an outside music festival. We exited the hall through a fire door and were standing on the field where the festival was taking place. I talked to the short man. I could see that he had expression lines on his face and suddenly realised that he was intended to represent PP, an acquaintance of mine. I thought to myself that I should tell him that I liked his short stature, but I didn't want to sound rude or patronising and had feelings of shyness and regret at not being able to talk to him properly now I knew who he 'was'. The male took off his top and was reaching into his bag for something to change into. I noticed that the grassy ground was thick with wet mud. The male was taking out a pair of baggy white trousers. I said: "Your trousers will get too muddy", but the male (PP) said that these trousers were intended to get muddy so it wasn't a problem. He was now wearing the baggy white trousers, trainers and nothing else. We walked over to a massive sound system with a speaker stack that stood 12 foot from the grass. The music was reggae and there were people dancing everywhere, despite the mud. PP looked back at me and smiled widely and I wanted to speak further with him, but knew it would be impossible in the busy and loud rave environment of the field. I could see the big building (where the hall we had left was contained). It looked like my old high school building or my university - or a mixture of both. Myself and PP joined in and I felt happy.

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