Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dream 48

I was sitting in the lounge at my grandmother PC's home in Sheringham. It was night and the lights were on, brightly. My mum, SM was there and we were chatting. Various other family members were milling about the room, but my attention was focused on my mum and I did not turn to see who they were. Suddenly, both my mum and I looked up at the ceiling. There was a massive hole, but it also looked like an open sky-light. We could see the night sky and the legs of several black males; some ice boxes and general party paraphernalia - as if there was a party on the roof (although in real-life there is a first floor with bedrooms/bathroom). One of the men (unknown to me in real-life, but in the dream he seemed to be a friend) had a short Afro hairstyle and was wearing a bright pink T-shirt. He was holding a cocktail in his hand and he looked down through the hole and told us that we should come up and join the party (a couple of days before this dream in real-life, my friend MA - who happens to be black - had told me of a really cool bar in Camden which specialises in rum-based cocktails and said we should go there). My mum and I were happy to be invited and my mum said she hoped there was food there - we got up to join the party in an excited mood.

I then saw an image of my teeth close-up and at a slight side-ways angle (i.e. not straight-on, I could see the canine teeth and molars mainly). My teeth looked discoloured and over-sized. Some of them were badly over-lapping (my real teeth aren't great, but they are nothing like this!) and deformed. I thought to myself that this must be the cause of my real-life dental problems (my teeth have been troubling me, partly due to some wisdom teeth coming through, and partly due to my phobia of dentists which prevents me from getting them checked).

I was then upstairs, but I was in an attic. It was dark and dusty with wooden floorboards and several random objects and cardboard boxes scattered around. My mum wasn't there, but I was with a group of young people and it felt like a field trip as there was a middle-aged man in a suit talking to us as we wandered around the room. He drew our attention to a large object in the middle of the room. It was covered in a brown sheet. He told us that he was going to remove the sheet and show us the object (which he didn't refer to as anything in particular) which would be a reflection of our inner selves. I was aware that this 'object' was analogous to the portrait of the eponymous protagonist in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Grey (1891). I didn't want to see what was under the sheet, given the story of Dorian Grey (who remains youthful and attractive on the outside, whilst a portrait hidden in the attic decays to reflect his inner lack of morality).

I left the attic and ended up in a canteen full of long tables, where various people were seated (a very recurrent theme in recent dreams). There was a ginger-haired male - he had extraordinarily long limbs, which were very pink (he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt so I was able to see his arms). His arms were flailing about and I saw that his hair was extremely bright, almost fluorescent orange. I sat opposite him, aware that he was a friend or acquaintance in the dream. He kept touching my face while I tried to make conversation about the strange trip to the attic. I got annoyed by the touching and got up to leave quickly. The male seemed to lack any social skills and seemed as if he might have learning difficulties.

I was then back in PC's lounge, talking to my mum. I was telling her that a girl (unknown to me in the dream, I was referring to her as 'this girl', not by name) had claimed to be pregnant and was telling people that the father was either FC (a friend from London) or DJG (a friend from Norfolk). I was getting angry, saying that she couldn't be allowed to play with these men's lives and lie when it was obvious neither of them were the father (my reasoning being that DJG has a girlfriend already and wouldn't cheat and FC is not currently in a position to be randomly linking girls). My mum was agreeing with me. We were suddenly no longer in PC's lounge, but now in the small lingerie shop in Sheringham where my mum's closest friend works. My mum's friend MF was there with us (it seemed as if we had gone in so my mum could chat with MF - something we used to do when we were out shopping in the town, back when I lived in Sheringham still). MF pointed out of the window of the shop, at the high street. She told my mum and I that a young woman (white skin, dark hair, that's all I can remember) standing with an older woman (her mother, cannot remember any detail about her appearance) was the girl in question - the one saying she was pregnant and naming my friends as the potential fathers. MF ran out of the door of the shop and over to the girl, standing by the town clock. She attacked the girl, pushing her down to the floor, while the mother tried to separate them. MF came back and told me that the situation was sorted and the girl had admitted that she hadn't slept with either of my friends. I was pleased and thought I should contact DJG (FC isn't contactable right now and I was aware of this in the dream) and tell him that the problem was sorted. I was at a computer (which appeared to be positioned on a desk, the same as it is in my real-life home in London, although I was still in the lingerie shop in the dream). I logged onto Facebook with the intention of messaging DJG, as in the dream, like real-life, I didn't have credit on my pay-as-you-go mobile. When I logged on, I saw DJG's status read: "It's over. Thank you" but instead of interpreting this to mean 'the situation is over, thank you for helping' (which is how I interpret it now with a waking mind) in the dream I thought he was actually saying 'my life is over' with the 'thank you' having a sarcastic, passive-aggressive meaning. I didn't leave a message and I felt sad for DJG.

I found myself back at PC's. My ex-boyfriend HL was present and I was talking to him. I asked him if he was planning on staying. He said he didn't know, but indicated that he was happy to be there talking with me. He looked the same as he did when I last saw him in real-life, perhaps about 4 years ago. Upon waking, I get the impression that he was a composite character, as many of the qualities I was attributing to him (upon reflection) appear to belong to the real-life 'friend' (for want of a better word, we aren't in contact currently and had a somewhat strained friendship in university) PP, who is of a 'broadly similar' racial background to HL. I think that the dream character was a combination of HL's looks and some of his personality traits, but largely the conversation (which I cannot recall in words, only 'feelings') was dominated with reactions, responses and gestures typical of my memories of PP. HL was wearing a white T-shirt with royal blue round the neck and sleeves. There was a period of time spent together in the dream where we were sitting on the sofa, deep in conversation. Then HL's mobile rang. He stood up and had a conversation. When he returned to me, I knew (from listening to his side of the conversation) that he had been asked to get involved with a conspiracy to import MDMA. He told me that he had to go to Stowmarket. I said I knew why and asked him not to leave me, but he said he had to. I felt neglected and lonely. 

I then was outside in sunshine, looking up at a very tall, thin metal pole - like a scaffolding rod. It was standing up on end, vertically, about 30 feet high. I could then see the top of the pole, as if I were level with it. There was a man (unknown to me in real-life) balancing on one foot at the top. He was really fat and pink-skinned with a balding head and brown hair. He was wearing a white vest and white trousers, rolled up, with bare feet. He looked quite precarious, almost falling. On one occasion he seemed to lose his balance completely and I felt anxious that he was about to fall, but he managed to somehow clamber back into an upright position and continue to balance on his one foot at the top. Myself and everyone around me started cheering and applauding him. 

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