Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Dream 567

'RBA's Lesbian Sister'
Dream date: 21 February 2016

Scene 1: Hotel Room, Location Unknown - Day
I was in a hotel room with RBA and we were smoking cannabis. Suddenly, an old man with a grey moustache and an old woman with her grey hair in a bun (both wearing glasses and cleaning uniforms) came into the room. They were the cleaners. They sat on the bed and then started accusing RBA and I of smoking cannabis in the hotel room. I said that it was: 'OK because we have a balcony'. At this point I looked behind me and saw we had a patio door, which was open, leading out to a very small ledge, which was not quite a balcony, but I thought it was sufficient that I was holding my hand (with a spliff in it) outside the patio doors, and therefore not actually in the room. It was grey outside - it looked like it was starting to rain and I could see other buildings and some greenery/trees from doorway. I could now see that the hotel room was decorated in red and white Christmas decorations, and the mood seemed more positive. 

Scene 2: A Lounge, Location Unknown - Night

I was in a lounge - a typical one, with sofas and a coffee table, TV, etc. It was night and the room was shrouded in a hazy blue light. I was with a female dream character. She was in her 30s and about my height with very short black hair. She had pale skin and no makeup. Her look was very 'masculine' if I had to stereotype it. I became aware she was RBA's sister and that she was a lesbian. I do not know her name in the dream. We had a conversation, whilst we walked around the small lounge in the dim blue light. We came to stand at one side of the room and RBA's sister took a keyring from me, which had a number of keys and different novelty tags, including a Micky Mouse one, which was blue and white and made from a thin rubber material. RBA's sister then preceded to remove all of the keys and the tags from the keyring, so they were separate. She placed them on the side unit which was next to me. I looked at them and said/thought: 'I'll have to buy a new keyring now'. There was more conversation, which I cannot recall. 

TIME: 23:00 - 07:00 hours (I woke up from this dream)

Dream Information:

  • RBA does have a sister, which I know, because he told me. His sister is not (to my knowledge!) a lesbian

  • The behaviour of the hotel cleaning staff and my response
  • RBA's lesbian sister

Recurrent Dream Themes:

  • None of note

Potential Day/Dream Residue:

  • I have smoked cannabis in a hotel room with RBA
  • A couple of days before this dream, I mentioned Rhona Cameron, who is a Scottish comedian and - and known as being lesbian. RBA is Scottish, which might have made the connection in the dream. The female dream character (RBA's sister) did look a bit like a younger Rhona Cameron, but nothing like RBA

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:

This dream was nothing special - it was neither good nor bad and nothing exciting or significant happened.

* I have forgotten one element of this dream. I think it is a part which happened early on, before I met RBA's sister. I remember 'remembering' it, but I didn't make a note of this dream when I first woke up, because it seemed to be a strong memory at the time. I then remember thinking about the dream at another point during my waking day, but forgetting the second scene with the hotel room, and 'knowing' that there should be 3 parts to the dream (which indicates I remembered the lost scene and third scene, with RBA's sister at that stage) - I then remembered the hotel scene and was happy I had 3 scenes recalled in full. I am therefore sure the memory will come back to me, possibly after I have recorded the next 2 dreams from subsequent nights (it may be that I need to clear my mind of other dream memories in order to think clearly about this dream). If I recall anything further, I will record it below.

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