Saturday, 9 July 2016

Dream 660

'Queen Taylor Swift'
Date: 8 July 2016
Time: 03:00 - 14:00 (I woke up from this dream due to an alarm clock)
Type of dream: Vivid dream 
Dream recall: Strong recall

Scene 1: Town Clock, Sheringham High Street - Day
I was with DL, sitting in the Town Clock in the centre of Sheringham High Street. I checked in my purse and found that I had money and some cannabis, wrapped in clingfilm. in there. I also had a pink plastic shopping bag with me (which I think contained items of makeup). From the window behind where DL was sitting, I saw 2 females approach. I cannot recall who they were, but I know they were girls from the Sheringham area, who I would classify as thugs/bullies back when they were at school and were not my friends. The girls entered the Town Clock and one of them approached me, raising her fist as if she was going to punch me straight in the face. I was too scared and shocked to fight back, but the female did not in fact hit me - both girls robbed me instead and then ran away. I saw that they had taken the pink bag, but was relieved to see I still had my purse with the money and cannabis in it. DL and I tried to chase the girls, but they had a head start and we could not catch up with them.

Scene 2: A Party (Location Unknown) - Day
DL and I were then at a party which had an outside area. I am not sure where this party was, but I think it was still in Sheringham. There was a sort of hut/shack outside, and I was standing beside it. The hut/shack was made of brown sticks or reeds and had an arched doorway. The only thing inside it was a small table which filled up most of the space. Next to the hut/shack was a group of men - dressed in medieval armour. I then realised that I was a Queen - and furthermore, I was actually Taylor Swift. I was wearing a long fancy pink dress - which could be described as the kind of dress a medieval princess/queen might wear, other than the pale baby pink colour. These men gathered around the hut/shack were 'the Queen's Guards' and therefore they were in my service. 

In the distance, I saw the 2 females who had robbed me running into a wooded area, still carrying the pink bag. I realised that I could send my army of medieval soldiers after these girls, and they could retrieve my stolen belongings on my behalf. I send the soldiers after the girls. 

I then saw my head - or at least Taylor Swift's head - in third person perspective. This was still 'my' head. It was large and filled my field of vision. However, I was looking at the 'inside' of the head - the interior of the skull and teeth. It was like the inside of the skull was a room - the top of the skull was the ceiling, the cheeks were the walls and the tongue and bottom of the jar was the floor. Everything was coloured brown. Darker brown stripes were being painted onto the insides of the skull. This was 'contour' makeup and the soldiers - now miniature so that they could fit into Taylor Swift's/my skull were standing on the tongue and trying to organise themselves to 'paint' the bones and teeth. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • Sheringham as a dreamscene location

  • I was 'Queen Taylor Swift'
  • The entirety of Scene 2 was a dreamsign

Day Residue: 
  • Taylor Swift (and Tom Hiddleston) have been in the media a lot recently - amidst speculation that they are dating or fooling the media while making a piece of performance art for a music video
  • The day before this dream I watched a past episode of Celebrity Masterchef where the celebrity contestants were preparing a large meal for a group of people who were involved in a medieval battle reenactment
  • The day before this dream I was recording a makeup video for Youtube. When it came to contouring, I described myself as looking like a 'soldier going into combat with camouflage makeup on my cheeks' and also mentioned 'contouring on bone structure' as well as my 'stereotypically bad British teeth'

Waking Reactions: 
Although this was a very vivid and memorable dream, where may be some aspects which I have forgotten as my recent dream recall has been very poor and this was the clearest dream I have had in weeks. If I recall anything else about this dream, I will record it below. This was the strangest dream though - it was pretty hard to describe Scene 2!

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