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'Whatever Happened to Marina Joyce?'
Date: 28 July 2016
Time: 23:00 - 06:00 (I woke up from this dream by my housemate banging on the front door and ringing my phone)
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall

This dream is part of my Dream Incubation Experiment - Eminem / Marshall Mathers III Dream - click HERE (post will open in a new window) to see the details of this Dream Incubation Experiment, including the methodology and results of previous Dream Incubation Experiments.

This was a partial success regarding my Dream Incubation Experiment, because Eminem was in the dream, although I did not specifically see/meet him. Rather, the opportunity to meet him was used by the dream as a 'gift' for completing a requirement - investigating the Marina Joyce story. This was not a lucid dream.

Scene 1: My Current Temporary Accommodation, Norwich - Day
I was sitting at my desk (where I record Youtube videos) in my current temporary home in Norwich. I was aware that my cousin JC1 had completed his university degree (he is currently between his first and second years, so not close to completing in real life). and had got a grade which was higher than a first. My family was celebrating, because this meant he was able to get a very important job in international human rights - although I cannot recall the specific details of the job. My family were not present in my Norwich home at this point - they were in Sheringham, where I was supposed to join them later (I saw an image of a large multi-tiered white decorated birthday-style cake). I was currently at work. It appeared that my bedroom was actually my former law firm and I was working for one of the lawyers I used to work alongside - MJF. 

MJF stood behind me while I was at the desk. He said: 'Your dodgy-looking friend is waiting for you outside...' 'Outside' was actually the outside of my former workplace, which was located on the main 'clubbing' street in the city. I had a mental image - or at least saw - this street, which looked the same as in  real life, although there was a partial grey brick wall adjacent to the doorway of the law firm, which blocked my view of the 'friend' waiting for me (he was on the other side, whereas I saw the location from the view of the front entrance).

I took this to mean it was RBA - because when I used to work in this firm in real life and RBA used to come to visit me at my workplace, the lawyers would describe him in such a way, assuming he was a 'client' of the firm (i.e. a criminal suspect) based on the way he dressed (hip hop, with a shaved head). I think I mentioned RBA's name, or at least indicated that I thought it was him, but MJF said: 'No, it's the Eminem guy...' (RBA is also a white male rapper, so I assumed in the dream that there might be some confusion). I asked if MJF meant 'the famous one' and he said: 'Yes'. 

I was then very excited - I was not lucid, so I was not thinking that my dream incubation experiment was successful at this point, I was just super happy that Eminem was coming to visit me. MJF said: 'You can't meet him until you finish work' and handed me a brown case file, which had the name 'Marina Joyce' in black marker pen on the front. This was my work and MJF said: 'If you want to meet your friend, you need to investigate this case file'. I either said something to the effect of 'it's too much work' or in some way expressed that I did not think I would be able to complete the task. MJF showed me his mobile phone screen, on which there was a message written in green text which said: 'Bonuses are delayed'. I took this to mean 'bonuses' (me being rewarded with meeting Eminem) are delayed until the Marina Joyce case file has been completed - this was a 'requirement'. I am not sure if I argued with MJF or if I asked for help - because he said to me: 'You have to unpick it with your needle' and I knew what he meant. I decided I would investigate the case file so that I could be 'rewarded' with meeting Eminem.

I then found that I was laying down on my bed - I was still in a dream, which was not a false awakening, because I could also 'see' outside my bedroom, into the corridor (I have posted a video entitled 'House Tour Vlog' which is a video posted on my channel, showing you the interior of my current temporary accommodation, so you can see the layout and areas described in this dream). I could hear someone walking down the hallway, knocking on each door. There was a male voice. Normally, this would seem nightmarish to me, but I was calm and relaxed. I 'saw' that the knocking was from a large teddy bear - or a man in a bear costume. The bear was very fat - especially it's stomach, which had a yellow panel. The bear was called 'Giant Wilfred' and he was going from room to room, trying to offer 'favours' to anyone in the room. 'Giant Wilfred' did not look particularly scary (not like the images of bear costumes below - see Day Residue, below and images at the bottom of this post). He had a happy smiling face and I think he may have worn a hat. His fur was made of fuzzy brown material and he had a jolly demeanour, but I did not want to answer my door to him - not because I was in any way afraid of him, but because I did not want 'a favour' from him and I thought that having to talk to him would be hassle - I just wanted to go to sleep (I was laying in my bed and not lucid or aware I actually was asleep, so I assumed that I was trying to take a nap and was being prevented from doing so by Giant Wilfred. As it happens, I could actually hear real life knocking (see below) which was incorporated into the narrative of my dream.

I woke up at this point, hearing my actual knocking in my accommodation (in real life). I was disorientated, but strangely - considering my feelings about living in this accommodation (as expressed in my 'House Tour Vlog' video) not at all scared, even though my dream seemed to be carrying over into waking. I then heard my phone ring - and saw that it was 06:00 hours and the call was from one of my housemates/best friends - LD2. When I answered the phone, I realised LD2 was very drunk and needed me to let him into the flat, which I did. I then stayed with LD2 until I could get him into his bedroom (2.5 hours) and then wrote up my first post about this dream - 'Weird, Significant & 'Deep' Marina Joyce Dream'. 

I then received a message from RBA and responded, summarising these weird dream events in a voice message. 

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • My current temporary accommodation as a dream scene location

  • I was told that I could meet Eminem if I completed the required task
  • My bedroom was a law firm
  • Scene 2 with 'Giant Wilfred' the Bear

Day Residue: 
  • See my post entitled 'Weird, Significant & 'Deep' Marina Joyce Dream' which provides information regarding Marina Joyce and my day residue generally
  • It was the birthday of my cousin (JC1's brother) the day before this dream
  • I had seen a former colleague from the law firm I used to work in (a legal secretary) post about her son's very impressive results in his legal exams the day before this dream
  • The day before this dream I had made a Youtube video ('Eminem Dream Incubation Update 2 (with lots of chat!)' which is linked below) in which I made an offhand joke remark about the Marina Joyce story - this is likely to be how my subconscious linked Eminem, my dream incubation experiment and Marina Joyce - I have linked this video below
  • On the day of this dream, I sent RBA a photo of me sitting on the concrete steps outside my accommodation. I then asked him if he had heard about the Marina Joyce story, which he had not
  • On the day of this dream, I had been listening to the audio versions of Creepypastas. At the end of the video I had been listening to, there was a clickable thumbnail link to one of my favourite (and very popular/well-known) Creepypastas - '1999' which features a paedophile/murderer who broadcasts a public access TV channel, 'Caledon Local 21', which had a main show, 'Mr Bear's Cellar' which featured the creator of the channel dressed as 'Mr Bear'. The screen of my laptop, which was beside me while I was sleeping, still had the Youtube dashboard open, showing the thumbnail from '1999' - see below

Waking Reactions:
This dream has inspired me to actually investigate the Marina Joyce incident further, firstly because I am interested generally (and because I had been writing horror fiction about a female 'Beauty' Youtuber and the effect watching her odd videos has on my main character, who is able to decipher weird and terrifying messages which seem to communicate directly with her). Note that I am also writing another short horror fiction (forming a trilogy), where one of the main characters is a webcam girl named 'Montana Joy'. Secondly, I am always trying to find truth or debunk internet myths and conspiracy theories, and given the worldwide media attention surrounding the Marina Joyce situation, this seems like a perfect opportunity to apply my skills. On a more basic level, this dream seems to suggest that my subconscious is setting me up with a task to complete before 'rewarding' me with a successful dream incubation (i.e. meeting Eminem), which seems very bizarre, but I have decided to listen to my dream and do as I have been asked, and - in the spirit of experimentation - want to monitor the effect of my waking progress on my dreaming.

'House Tour Vlog' Video - my channel (shows the exterior and interior of my current temporary accommodation, which has been a recurrent dream scene location)

Eminem Dream Incubation Update 2 (with lots of chat!) - my channel (refers to recent strange dreams in relation to my Dream Incubation Experiment & also refers to the Marina Joyce story)

Marina Joyce - screenshot from the controversial 'DATE OUTFIT IDEAS' video

The 'Mr Bear' image uploaded on the Creepypasta page for '1999'

Screenshot image of 'Mr Bear' from the Youtube audio version of '1999'

The video thumbnail for the Youtube audio version of '1999' - this was what was visible on the screen of my laptop, which was beside me when I was sleeping and experiencing this dream

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