Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My Second Channel - Tallulah Zombieface

My second channel for those of you who like to hear me chat. This is a MAKEUP CHANNEL. I love applying makeup and recreating celebrity looks in my bedroom, but have limited skills - I always end up looking like a ZOMBIEFACE version. So for entertainment and chats, I have made this channel, showing me putting makeup on my face, while having a little brainspill! Don't expect good looks - this is bad look, REAL HORRORHOW MAKEUP, but hopefully you will get to know me a bit more in another context other than my love of dreams, Tallulah La Ghash xoxo

ps: the background to my videos is really institutionalised (I like in a Brutalist listed building, and these happen to be my favourite aesthetic styles, but it makes my friends laugh, as it looks like I am shooting videos in a prison corridor :) 

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