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So, if you have been following my Blog or my Youtube, you will probably be aware that I have experienced a number of strange dream/day residue (i.e. waking reality) events recently, since starting my current Dream Incubation Experiment!

Rather than describing everything in detail in this post, which would involve repeating a substantial amount of material already posted on this Blog and contained in my Youtube videos, I will summarise here and provide links to the relevant posts.

So, in Dream 668 (THE MARINA JOYCE DREAM) - 'Whatever Happened to Marina Joyce?', you will see that I had a dream which combined my Eminem Dream Incubation Experiment with the recent strange events surrounding Youtuber, Marina Joyce. This was after I referred to Marina Joyce in my Youtube video, Eminem Dream Incubation Update 2 (see below). In this dream, (Dream 668), there was also a man in a bear costume (or a large animated teddy bear) called 'Giant Wilfred' - which I interpreted as being the result of day residue - I had been listening to Creepypastas on Youtube prior to going to sleep and one of the thumbnails for a related video on the same channel was for '1999 - which is a short horror fiction about a public access TV channel, Caledon Local 21 run by 'Mr Bear; - a paedophile/child murderer who dresses in a bear costume to make children's TV shows with the aim of luring victims to his 'cellar'. The Creepypasta is written in the form of a series of blog posts by the author - who reminisces about discovering Caledon Local 21 as a child (in 1999) and then his subsequent adult investigation into events surrounding the channel and Mr Bear. On the Blog post (Dream Journal entry) relating to Dream 668, I included a number of screenshots/images relating to the '1999' Creepypasta (images from the actual text version, uploaded by the author, and also screenshots from the Youtube video).

I had been interested in the Marina Joyce story because (before I was even aware of who she was or events surrounding her channel) I had started writing my own horror fiction - about hidden messages and mystery surrounding a teenage Beauty vlogger from London and the effects her videos have on the main character, another teenage girl, who is a fan of makeup videos on Youtube and noticed bizarre and terrifying coincidences between her life and the life of her favourite Youtuber. This story forms part of a trilogy of short horror stories, the third one being based on webcamming and featuring a camgirl named 'Montana Joy' (note the similarity between the name 'Marina Joyce' and 'Montana Joy'). Even my best friend, DL mentioned that when he heard about the Marina Joyce story, he noticed the similarity or at least coincidence between those real life events and the topic of my fiction writing!

I discussed Dream 668 in a further Youtube video, uploaded today - Eminem Dream Incubation Update 3 - Weird Marina Joyce Dream (see below). During this video, I talked about the content of my dream, discussed Marina Joyce and also talked about '1999' and how it influenced me to dream about 'Giant Wilfred'. During this video I mad reference to how much I love Grav3yardgirl (Bunny Meyer). I uploaded all the new content onto my social media and then started listening to some more Creepypastas, ostensibly to get inspired to write my own horror fiction. After a while, I got a little scared, because I am home alone right now. I decided to see if Bunny had uploaded a new video, because I find that listening to her is a great way to distract myself. 

This is where things get really creepy and coincidental. The thumbnail for Bunny's latest video - uploaded that day was her posing with a huge teddy bear! I have pulled a screenshot, which I have posted below! She does not explain the presence of the teddy bear in her video, and while my rational, sensible brain tells me it is simply an innocent and strange coincidence, it certainly played on my mind and made me feel even more freaked out by how everything seems to be interlinked and bizarre!

Here are my own Youtube videos where you can hear me discuss the topics covered in this post!

In this video, 'WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY DREAMS?!' I discuss the current problems I have been having with my dreams and outline the Eminem Dream Incubation Experiment

In this video, 'Eminem Dream Incubation Update 1 (with lots of chat)' I discuss a bizarre dream I experienced which involved dream deja-vu

In this video, 'Eminem Dream Incubation Update 2 (with lots of chat!)' I discuss a further incident of dream deja-vu and mention (as a joke) the Marina Joyce controversy

In this video, 'Eminem Dream Incubation Update 3 - WEIRD MARINA JOYCE DREAM' - I discuss my weird Eminem/Marina Joyce dream from last night, which also involved 'Giant Wilfred' the teddy bear/man in a bear costume who was knocking on all of the doors in my home, offering 'favours'. I also make reference to how much I love Grav3yardgirl.

* Note that there no way I could have accidentally seen the thumbnail to the most recent Grav3yardgirl video 'STRIPPED DOWN 'CHALLENGE'' for the simple reason that the video was uploaded on 28/07/2016 and I believe this is Bunny's local time (in Texas, USA), rather than the date I would have received the video (being in UK and therefore 6 hours ahead of Texas time). I have tried to seek clarification on this issue from other followers of Bunny, as my dyscalculia (numerical dyslexia) makes it very difficult to rely on my own calculations. In any event, I definitely did not see this video until now (as I write this post), and certainly not before I had the dream which involved 'Giant Wilfred'. The last video I watched from Grav3yardgirl before this dream was 'FULL FACE USING ONLY KIDS' MAKEUP Challenge'. Of course, if I had been in a position to notice the new video with the teddy bear in the thumbnail, I would have made a point of noting this potential source of day residue in my Dream Journal. So, it remains a weird and somewhat terrifying coincidence! 

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