Friday, 23 September 2016

Dream 703

'Crop Circles'
Date: 23 September 2016
Time: 13:30 - 16:15 (Afternoon Nap - I woke up from this dream due to a text on my phone from my housemate)
Type of dream: Normal dream
Dream recall: Normal recall

This dream is part of my Dream Incubation Experiment - Eminem / Marshall Mathers III Dream - click HERE (post will open in a new window) to see the details of this Dream Incubation Experiment, including the methodology and results of previous Dream Incubation Experiments.

Scene 1: My University Campus, Norwich - Night
I cannot recall where this dream actually started, but I can remember that it was apparent soon afterwards that I was on my university campus, hence why this scene is described as taking place there. In the first part of the dream where was some action or conversation involving my ex-boyfriend, PS - which was stressing me out in the dream. My Mum was also present and either with - or talking about - a male who I knew from my home town/high school, although I cannot recall who it was - I just remember that I thought it was odd and unusual that my Mum was involved with this person as I did not know that she knew him. There was something to do with suitcases or travel - and I think this involved PS. I think he was going somewhere, but I did not want him to leave.

I then found myself outside on the field near the lake. It was night, but light enough for me to see the ground clearly. The whole area of grass was covered with crop circles - some large and some very small. I could see other dream characters on the field, inspecting the crop circles in wonderment. The ground looked very pale yellow, despite it being dark outside. The small crop circles - which were close to me - seemed to be symbolic, depicting something which I could not understand. I wondered if the crop circles were caused by aliens, but then thought that many of them were too small to have been the result of space craft. The small ones were about the size of a car tyre. I was fascinated by the crop circles and confused as to how they got there.

There was some action/mention of the following items (which I cannot specifically recall): washing machines, handbags and a piano. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream, but I think there are some details I have forgotten. 

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • My Mum as a dream character

  • The fact my Mum knew the male from high school (unrecalled, but noted as odd within the actual dream)
  • The crop circles

Day Residue: 
  • The day before this dream I had travelled to Heathrow Airport, London to meet and collect a number of new international students arriving for the start of the new university year
  • On the day before this dream I had been discussing my relationship with PS - with my best friend, LD2
  • On the day of this dream I had been walking across the field - the day before I had done the same, at which time, the groundsman had been cutting the grass in a large motorised lawnmower

Waking Reactions: 
This dream did not reference my Dream Incubation Experiment or Eminem. This dream felt really strange - at least the part with the crop circles in Scene 2. When I was dreaming this part, I had the distinct and strong feeling of really believing what I was seeing, despite questioning how this could happen in reality. I knew crop circles were a strange, somewhat unexplained phenomena and that it was highly unlikely - if not impossible - that I would see one (let alone a large number) of these on campus, but when I was inspecting them in the dream it felt like I was really looking at them and questioning what caused them. I have forgotten some aspects of this dream, as I woke up suddenly due to an alert on my phone, but if I recall anything further about this dream, I will record it below.

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