Thursday, 30 March 2017

Popular Posts of the Month

I take an active interest in which 'historical' or past posts have been popular on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This helps me see what has engaged readers, which online searches bring people to my Blog and gives me ideas to customise content for future posts. 

For this reason, I decided to do a new series of posts which highlights the popular content on my Blog - with the aim of bringing it to new readers who may not wish to search through the entire Blog to find interesting content. 

Here are the most popular posts this month (click on the title and the post will open in a new window):

This is the most popular post of all time. The most common Google search which brings readers to my Blog - and the dream theme most people ask me to interpret - is undoubtedly dreams about knives or stabbing. This is a very common recurrent dream theme for myself. This article provides some possible interpretations (from a cross-cultural perspective) of dreams about knives and stabbing. I also provide advice on how to interpret dreams using dream symbolism. 

This is a very recent dream, as you can see from the date. It was a Vivid/Pre-Lucid Dream which occurred during my most recent Dream Incubation Experiment (which is linked from the post itself).

This was another very recent dream, which was part of the same Dream Incubation Experiment. This dream featured my all-time favourite celebrity male, Ewan McGregor. 

Again, another recent Dream Incubation Experiment dream.

Snakes and serpents is another incredibly common universal dream theme and one which yields a great number of daily Google searches by people seeking interpretations. 

Another recent dream which was Pre-Lucid. This dream featured reference to dreaming and recording dreams on this very Blog, so it was quite meta!

Possible interpretations for dreams about cats.

This is a surprisingly popular/common dream theme experienced by dreamers across the world. 

A very recent dream with some sexual themes.

As with all the Dream Journal posts on this list, this was a recent dream - and again, it occurred during my Dream Incubation Experiment.

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