Sunday, 10 March 2019

Dream 962

'Thieving Pigeons & Mark Hamill's Lack of Help'
Date: 9 March 2019
Time: 22:30 - 14:00 hours
Type of dream: Normal dream
Dream recall: Normal recall 

Scene 1: My 'Bedroom' (Norwich?) - Day
I was in my bedroom, which appeared in the dream to feel like my own bedroom in my flat in Norwich and had certain similarities, but was different (especially the outside of the house). In my real-life bedroom, I have a built in double wardrobe, with shelving at the top. This is next to the door to the room, opposite my bed. In the dream, my bed was where it normally would be, but the wardrobe was where the door should be, and the shelving at the top had a window at the back of the wardrobe - or some kind of gap leading to outside the house (whereas in real-life, if you went through the back of my wardrobe you'd be in the storage cupboard in the hallway. 

I was with my Mum in my room and we were watching 2 massive birds (the size of eagles) which I first thought were pigeons (I think I referred to them as pigeons when pointing them out to my Mum), but I also thought they might be seagulls. They did look far more like seagulls than pigeons, and although I would say for sure, they were seagulls (with recollection of the dream), in the dream I referred to them as 'pigeons', so I will continue to refer to them that way in this record of the dream. However, I have included images of seagulls below, as these more closely resembled how the birds appeared to me visually in the dream. I perceived them to have very sharp beaks, teeth and to be aggressive and scary. They were white/greyish colour. My Mum and I watched the pigeons, which were in the top part of my wardrobe, on the shelving, where in real-life I keep shoes I don't often wear (high heels) and other items of clothing and cosmetics/accessories. At first we thought the pigeons might be fighting, but then we realised they were mating. One had mounted the other. There was a lot of movement and fluttering, with the feathers rustling loudly. My Mum said: 'Mark Hamill is the only one who can decontaminate the wardrobe' or words to this effect. I wondered how we would get Mark Hamill into the room/house to sort out the pigeons before something bad happened. The pigeons then appeared to leave the top of the wardrobe through the window/opening at the back. 

I was then told/made aware (by my Mum?) that the pigeons had stolen all my clothes from the wardrobe and dropped them into the garden outside. I wondered how this could have happened, as there were so many clothes in the wardrobe. My Mum then said that my stolen items were being taken by people who were outside in the garden (I think my cousin HM may have been involved in this).

I was really upset and angry at my lost items and ran outside into the garden area (I cannot recall what other parts of the house I saw at this point).

Scene 2: A Garden - Day
I was then outside in the garden area, which did not look like a garden I know from real-life, but looked ordinary. It was a smallish garden with grass and a hedge with rose bushes around the exterior. If I turned to look at my 'house', I could see it was a normal red brick family terraced house, which is not what my house looks like in real-life. There was a young, white female dream character (unknown to me) who followed me out into the garden to watch me try and collect my clothing. She was also telling me that people had come and stolen my clothes before I'd come outside to retrieve them. I could see items I actually own in real-life (mainly high heeled shoes). These were laying on the grass or in the rose bushes, as if they'd been haphazardly dropped. I recall seeing one of a pair of blue faux snakeskin high heels in the rose bush and picking it out, wondering where the matching one was (I cannot be bothered to go through the top shelf of my wardrobe to find the real-life version of these shoes,  which I do in fact own - in a couple of different colours as far as I recall - the ones I have posted an image of below are fairly similar in terms of pattern/colour - but the heel on mine is faux snakeskin too, not cork. I cannot recall if mine are slingback or regular, as I have not looked at/worn them for years). I saw the second matching shoe a short distance away, near a small wooden gate, which was the entrance to the garden. I felt like this was an insurmountable task to find and pick up all my lost items and I felt helpless and angry about what happened. I seemed to spend a lot of time in the garden trying to find my shoes in particular. Many of the shoes I saw in the garden are ones I actually own in real-life.

I went back into my house. My Mum said that Mark Hamill was on his way to deal with the pigeons (which had actually  gone and I do not recall seeing again in the dream). My Mum was holding a phone, as if she'd called Mark Hamill or was on the phone to him at this point. I felt like it was too late for him to help so wondered why she was bothering.

Scene 3: Bedroom - Time Unknown
I wanted to go back to my bedroom. It felt like (or I saw) there were a number of people in my house now, although I cannot recall speaking to anyone in particular. Someone (unrecalled) did tell me that all of my lost items of clothing had been found and collected by IZ (a good friend of one of my good friends, and someone I like - he attends my university). Apparently IZ had washed and ironed all of my clothing for me. I went through to my bedroom, which looked darker than it had before. IZ was standing beside my bed, folding up mountains of clothing, which belonged to me. I saw a pile of leggings - one pair was beige (I do not own beige leggings in real-life). I thanked IZ for collecting my clothes and told him he didn't need to wash and iron them for me, as this was more than I'd ever expect. I was so grateful. However, I also wondered if my clothing had been so dirty as to disgus IZ and hoped not. IZ said it was no problem/bother and he was happy to help.

At some point in the dream I realised I had bought some long blue (kingsize) Rizlas, having at first thought I needed to borrow one from someone. I am not sure how this fits in with the dream narrative generally, but I recall seeing a new packet of kingsize blue Rizlas and being confused about when I bought them and why I'd forgotten I had.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Extra Information: None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • My Mum as a dream character


  • My house was different
  • The birds and all action surrounding this element of the dream
  • My Mum knew/could contact Mark Hamill who was allegedly able to help with the pigeon theft situation
  • IZ in my home, having washed and ironed all of my lost clothing without motive for doing so

Day Residue:
  • I'd seen an article about Mark Hamill the day before this dream (talking about how Disney are releasing the new Star Wars movies too quickly. I'd mentioned this article in conversation with DL earlier on the day of this dream
  • I'd been watching Star Wars theory videos the day before this dream
  • On the day of this dream I'd been in Great Yarmouth, a place I associate with large seagulls
  • On the day of this dream, I'd had an informal job interview and prior to this, I'd been looking through my wardrobe for items of clothing suitable to wear. I'd found a pair of heeled boots at the top of my wardrobe. I also recall seeing a pair of beige faux snakeskin heels in my flat (these were in the shoe area in our lounge) and wondered if these would be too uncomfortable to wear that day (I decided they were)
  • On the day of this dream I'd been discussing theft in my job interview (which was for a job in criminal law, thus theft was a relevant topic)
  • This dream happened the day after my cousin HM's birthday. Once when we were much younger, HM 'stole' some items of my clothing, which I managed to get back
  • I'd asked to borrow a kingsize Rizla on the day of this dream

Waking Reactions: 
The dream felt pretty stressful as it was experienced, but I woke up thinking it was quite an interesting and funny dream. 

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