Saturday, 18 May 2019

Dream 975

'Adopted Twins'
Date: 7 May 2019
Day 2 of Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure 
Status: Partially Successful Dream Incubation Dream

Scene 1: My University (Undergraduate Law Seminar) - Day
I was coming to work in my job as an Associate Tutor, teaching Law at my university. It was a revision seminar (these being the work I am currently doing in real life). My academic supervisor, who is also head of Criminal Law (the class I am teaching in the dream and real life) had provided the class with a large amount of cannabis, which we were permitted to smoke in class, in order to 'open our minds'. This was very exciting to me. I entered the classroom and saw the cannabis on the table which my students were sitting around. One male student (not a particular student I recognise from real life, but I do recall in the dream he had mid-brown hair and was white, approximately 18 years old) was handing out the huge buds of cannabis and I hoped there would be some left for me. 

Scene 2: My Nan's Living Room, Sheringham - Day
There was some kind of scene in my Nan's living room, where I was laying on the sofa with a boy I know, who 'dated' my friend AK - his name is EW. EW was wearing neon green tracksuit bottoms and a white vest. Suddenly I became aware that there was a white blanket over top of us. EW adopted a position where he was above me, but not touching, still in a horizontal position. I became aware he was holding a large green dildo, which he was putting down the waistband of his tracksuit bottoms. This confused me. 

Scene 3: My Bedroom, Norwich - Time Unknown
I was then sitting in my bedroom with NM, my manager in the legal firm where I am working as a prison lawyer. There was something I thought I had done wrong, but I wasn't quite sure what. NM then told me that I would be responsible for a new case, which was in the field of Family Law. It was my duty to go and get newborn twins - a brother and sister, and remove them from their home and take them to a place of safety. In the dream, I was aware that this was very similar to the plotline involving Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa in Star Wars, although I did not consciously link this to my current Dream Incubation Experiment - it was more like my dream self accepted events as reality, but noticed the similarity to the fictional Star Wars story. I agreed with NM that I would do this task, but wondered why I was being asked to do it. I looked to the space under my desk and saw a pile of legal files/documents, which were coloured in a light buff brown. I was aware these were the case papers relating to the twins. 

I was then introduced to a woman, 'Donna' who was standing in my room with us, but at the same time as it looking like my bedroom, it also appeared to be outside, with Donna standing behind a concessions stand. I can only recall that Donna was in her 30s, white, brown hair and average build. She was wearing a red and white striped apron over a business suit. NM said: 'Donna will teach you how to do the Magistrates Court'. Donna handed me a small white piece of paper and I was aware that she had 'learned a trick' which helped her win every case in the Magistrates Court. I knew NM preferred Donna to me and felt jealous. 

Scene 4: A Family Home - Time Unknown
I was then in a family home, which I believed to be the house where the twins were. Someone - an unrecalled dream character who I am not sure if I actually saw, or just heard from behind me - was telling me I had to take action. Inside the house were some children - I recall there were at least 3 - and recall seeing there was a son and daughter in the family. I am not sure of the gender of the other child. I was sanding in the living room of the house, which was very ornately decorated, with expensive, artistic objects and antiques/heirlooms. I cannot describe it better than that, although at one point, the room reminded me of my Nan's second downstairs reception room. I was talking to the little girl, who was about 4 years old. She was black and dressed in a fancy party dress. She demonstrated playing the violin and I thought she was very talented for her young age. I then realised that I was not in the house where the twins lived. The children's parents entered the room - at first they were middle aged white lesbians - then they became a black heterosexual couple, who were dressed as barristers, which made me aware they worked in the legal profession. I spoke to the parents, but cannot recall what was said. I also spoke to the family - now with grandparents or elder relatives - out on the street - this being a suburban residential street, later after I left the house. It was dusk and we were standing under a streetlight. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

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