Sunday, 11 August 2019

Dream 1029

'Chief of Police, Corey Feldman, Social Worker Anakin Skywalker & Foster Parent, Morgz Mum 'Is Here For Your Safety' in 4Chan'
Date: 10 August 2019
Scene 1: A Muddy/Wet Marshland - Day
I was in a large marsh, which was muddy, with pools of water. It was a warm day, but it was not sunny. I am not sure what I was wearing, but I think my legs were bare, as I could see the water on my shins as if I was sinking into the marsh. I was with a male dream character who I do not recall from real life. He was in his 20s and white, with brown hair. He was dressed in casual clothing, but I cannot remember what. I do not know his name (I will refer to him as 'John' for ease of reference), but in the dream we were friends. Being in the marsh did not feel unpleasant or uncomfortable. John said that we had to go, or we would miss our bus. I then became aware that we were supposed to be going to Sudsbury (my 'Dream Town' - see this post for an explanation of the significance of this dream scene location and links to all of my dreams which feature my 'Dream Town' - Dream 998 - 'My Dream Town Becomes Victorian'). This did not trigger me to question if I was dreaming or to perform any kind of reality check, so I missed this as an opportunity to experience lucidity by way of a DILD (Dream-Initiated Lucid Dream). I was very pleased that we were going to Sudsbury and we left the marsh area, walking a short distance (it had appeared that we were in the centre of a massive marsh which stretched as far as the eye could see, but when it came to walking onto the road, it appeared we were actually quite near the edge of the marsh). There was some walking down a road, which had the marsh on one side, and buildings on the other. Looking at the marsh (which was now behind a border hedge), it appeared to look like Bowthorpe Cemetery in Norwich, with gravestones and memorials. I did not question this. I cannot recall what John and I talked about on the walk or if we did in fact have any conversation.

Scene 2: Bus Stop - Day
We arrived at the bus stop and there were a number of dream characters present there, who I perceived as 'workers'. It seemed as if we were in a city now - the bus stop was opposite some grey buildings (tall) of which I did not know the purpose. The bus arrived and it was out of service, which felt frustrating. The driver was a white middle-aged fat man. He leaned over from the drivers cabin and said that he'd let us travel on the bus if we would hire him a sex worker in return. I wanted to refuse this, but John agreed before I could say anything. The driver was smiling in a really creepy way that made me not want to travel on his bus. I cannot recall the bus journey or John arranging for the sex worker. 

Scene 3: 4Chan - Day
John and I were getting off the bus (I cannot remember getting on the bus or the journey, so not sure if the dream transitioned suddenly or if this is due to my recall). I realised we were not in Sudsbury (my 'Dream Town') at all, but another place, which was very provincial and rural. I realised that we were in '4Chan' and that this was an English village which was highly significant - as if it were a capital city, such as London. It seemed like this village was a centre of politics or commerce or something - it was just an important place, although I cannot recall why and there was nothing to suggest this about the environment, which was just fields and detached cottages, with gardens and lots of trees, plants and flowers. It was daytime, because the sun was shining and it felt like a nice summer day. 

John said we had to go and show our documentation at the office, which in the dream seemed to be some form of visa check that needed to be done on our arrival. The 'office' was just on the horizon of my vision, down a dirt road, which is what we were standing on at this point in the dream. The 'office' appeared to be a countryside pub with outside picnic benches and parasol umbrellas. We began walking towards 'the office'. 

When we arrived at 'the office' I could no longer see the outside seating, only the building itself, which still seemed to resemble a countryside pub. It was covered in white stone-cladding and had black wooden doors and window frames. John and I entered via a door on the side of the building, near some bins, rather than the front entrance. 

The inside of 'the office' was dark - and resembled a warehouse or factory. It seemed as if the only bits of 'office' furniture were some leather sofas, which were part of a 'waiting area' and a large desk, which was in the middle of the room. The only other thing I could see were cardboard boxes and a lot of dust. John and I sat down on the sofas and I assume we were waiting for our documentation to be checked. 

I then noticed that there was a doorway in the distance - I could see it had a blue light illuminating it. Via the entrance, I saw Corey Feldman and Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars) enter the room. Both of them were exceptionally tall and dressed in stereotypical 'law enforcement' outfits (could have been police or prison officers) with weird white 'man-bags' made of sparkly material hanging down by their sides. I don't think John and I stood up, because it seemed as if Corey Feldman and Anakin Skywalker were bearing down on us, from above. However, this was not intimidating. Corey Feldman said that he was Chief of Police and that Anakin Skywalker was a Social Worker for the Local Authority. This was supposed to reassure us that we would be safe in 4Chan - or at least this was the impression I got from them telling me this fact. I wondered where we would be staying, as although earlier in the dream, it felt like we were 'going home', now it appeared that we had nowhere to stay. I am not sure if I articulated this concern (I cannot recall me saying anything), but Corey Feldman told me that Anakin Skywalker had arranged for a 'Foster Mother' to look after John and I (who were fully grown adults) in 4Chan. This would be 'Morgz Mum' (Jill Hudson, Youtuber - see below) and we would be staying in her house, which was nearby. 

I cannot recall Anakin Skywalker saying anything during this part of the dream scene - everything was said by Corey Feldman, in his role as Chief of Police.

John and I went to leave 'the office' and from behind me I heard Anakin (I knew it was him, even though I did not look around to check for sure) shout 'The Police and Local Authority IS here for your safety'. I specifically noticed he said the word 'is' instead of 'are' and thought it made him sound unintelligent. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place after my launch of the Quickshot Dream Incubation Experiments (see video below for QDI#9, and my introductory article - Quickshot Dream Incubations | QDI#1) - this not a successful dream incubation
  • I recently experienced Dream 1027 - 'Men From My Past & Corey Haim' (8 August 2019) after watching documentaries about Corey Feldman and Corey Haim
  • I am exposed to Anakin Skywalker every day, as he is my laptop screensaver
  • On the day of this dream I had been watching some videos about 4Chan hoaxes and had explained what 4Chan was to AJR during a telephone conversation
  • On the day of this dream I had been watching a Jaackmaate Youtube video, where he discusses fellow Youtuber 'Morgz' (Morgan Hudson) who has one video in which his stepdad  ('Martin') appears, dressed in a very bad 'prison warden' uniform (and an equally bad police uniform) and tells Morgz his punishment for losing at a game will be 'beans and burgers' which has now become a catchphrase on Jaackmaate's channel, as he pointed out how stupid it sounded. Jaackmaate was also joking about 'Morgz Mum' ('Jill') who also makes Youtube videos

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