Friday, 9 August 2019

Dream 1027

'Men From My Past & Corey Haim'
Date: 8 August 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I cannot recall the locations of this dream, although I know that the first scene I recall did take place in an interior location, as I later 'went outside' in Scene 2. The general feeling of this dream is more memorable to me than the action, as I have forgotten a number of details (having waited a few hours after waking up from this long, vivid, detailed dream) - the dream felt stifling and suffocating. There was a sense of frustration and stress throughout, as if I did not want to be involved with everything going on in the dream. 

I was with some dream characters who were based on (or actually were) people I went to high school with in Sheringham. We were revising for an exam, which I felt was pointless, because the revision did not relate to a topic I was currently studying (in the dream I was studying one subject, but the homework related to something else). I was being obstructive and arguing that we should not have to revise a subject which was so irrelevant to our actual studies, but one female dream character (I believe this was JF - a girl I went to school with who wasn't academically successful in any way) was telling me that we had to do the revision. We were writing in notebooks. A teacher then entered the room - which at this point, appeared to be bathed in a blue light. I could see a counter, which resembled a marble-effect kitchen counter. The teacher leaned against the counter. She was a middle-aged woman, tall and very slim, with dark hair tied back and glasses, dressed very formally in dark clothing. Everyone lined up to show her their notebooks. I noticed mine had handwriting in blue biro, but I did not 'read' what was written in the notebook. When it came to my turn to show my notebook/revision notes, the teacher told me that the revision was part of an investigation - we (the students) were involved in the Corey Haim case, I'm not sure of the entire context, but it was a truth-seeking exercise aimed at uncovering some kind of secret information. The teacher explained to me that the revision was very important, and at this point I realised that it was, and I had been wrong to dismiss it. I felt glad I had actually done the work as instructed. The teacher told me that my contributions to the investigation would allow for the world to understand better - I did not know specifically what she was referring to, but my assumption (upon waking and looking back at this) was that she was referring to the Hollywood abuse as I had been watching a documentary which referred to Corey Feldman and Corey Haim and that situation.

There was some interaction with my ex-boyfriend, PS in the early part of this dream, although I am not sure what it was at this point. 

Scene 2: An Exterior Location - Dusk
I was then outside, sitting on some concrete. The sky was darkening, indicating it was dusk. I could see some lush green foliage (trees, bushes, flowers and other plants) surrounding the area of concrete, which might have been a courtyard or patio of some type. The environment/location was very aesthetic. PS approached me again. I noticed he was wearing a blue T-shirt. He sat down opposite me, very close and leaned forward to show me that he was wearing a gold amulet or pendant which was not on a necklace as such, but somehow fixed to his T-shirt. It was about the size of a standard dice. He was annoyed as the gold item had torn through the neckline of his T-shirt and he was blaming me for this, although I had no idea how I was responsible. 

Scene 3: My Nan's House, Sheringham - Time Unknown
I was then at my Nan's house. R3A was present, with another male dream character, who I had a strong feeling of familiarity towards - I am sure that in the dream I was able to recognise him as someone I know in real life. I was pleased to see R3A. We were sitting at the dining table in my Nan's living-room. R3A was sitting next to the other male and I was sitting opposite. I was jealous of the attention that R3A was paying to the male - they were getting on really well and I felt 'punished' in some way. R3A was being nice to me, he was just not paying me any attention which I found odd. R3A and the other male dream character were planning a party. R3A then turned to me and said something (unrecalled) about the gold amulet/pendant PS had been wearing in Scene 2 of this dream. This made me feel worried, as somehow this amulet/pendant was linked to the possibility of a nuclear war, and PS had been blaming me for something to do with it, so I felt like I was responsible for the possible nuclear holocaust. R3A and the dream character male did not seem to be worried about the nuclear holocaust - they continued to talk about the party which was being planned. I felt really anxious, and for some reason I knew I would be unable to contact PS to warn him about the nuclear holocaust and the link to the amulet/pendant.

There was more detail to this dream which I cannot recall, but it is itching my memory - the dream equivalent of saying that something is 'on the tip of the tongue'. If I recall anything else about this dream, I will record it below.

Additional Notes:
  • On the day of this dream I had seen an email about revision sessions for undergraduate students who were re-taking exams in Law - I was CC-ed into the email as I was an Associate Tutor teaching these modules during the academic year
  • On the day of this dream I had been watching documentaries about Corey Haim (1970 - 2010)
  • I cannot recall what dream it was (and cannot be bothered to try and find out in a keyword search because I don't think it's a particularly significant dream), bu recently I made a Youtube video which included a dream scene where R3A was at my Nan's house, and this was recorded as a dreamsign because R3A had never been to my Nan's house (this was a contemporary observation in the Dream Journal report) - here in this current dream, R3A is present in my Nan's house. This - and the potential memory of specifically discussing the fact this exact occurrence should be a dreamsign in a dream - could have been used as a dreamsign and prompt a reality check/lucidity 
  • On the day of this dream I had been at work in prison, and had mentioned how many prisoners complain about their clothing being damages and the desire to put in a claim

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