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Dream 998

'My Dream Town Becomes Victorian'
Date: 20 June 2019
Scene 1: My 'Dream Town' - Day
I was in my Dream Town (see below), which is a location which appears recurrently in my dreams and had an eerie feeling of déjà vu - as if it is so familiar to me I must have been there in real life, although I cannot say where it is - most likely it is a composite of familiar locations condensed into one place which makes me feel happy to be in when dreaming. 

I was standing at the corner of a road, near some tall redbrick buildings, which looked like offices or industrial buildings. I could see a concrete overpass stretching over the road. On the other side of the street there were some Tudor/Mock Tudor-style buildings/houses, and in front of them a grassy area where there was a pub and a laundrette. It was a sunny day and I felt very happy and content. I feel that I have seen this precise area of my Dream Town in a previous dream. 

I knew I had to go to a secondhand record shop which was in a residential area. I am not sure how I travelled there. 

Scene 2: A Residential Area in my Dream Town - Dusk
I was then in the residential area of my Dream Town, where I had intended to travel to. I knew I had been here before, and my aim was to 'relive' my previous visit. 

* Note that this part of the dream was experienced as if I was reliving a past dream - I have a distinct memory (not only within this dream, but also a waking memory) of having this exact same dream experience in the exact same location, although after searching my Blog using as many relevant key words/search terms as possible, I am unable to find any dream where this scene (or a similar one) takes place and therefore, I am not sure if this is a false memory. However, the fact my waking mind is certain I had this dream before is really baffling and odd. I am also not sure if any previous dream where this scene occurred actually took place within my Dream Town at that point. I will point out, at no point was I consciously aware I was dreaming or that my memory of visiting this particular location was that of a dream while I was actually dreaming.

It was dusk and the residential area was very quiet. There were a lot of lights on in the windows of the houses, which were all, very similar/identical bungalow-type houses. There were a lot of pine trees. On the corner of the residential road was the secondhand record store I had been intending to visit - the one I recall clearly as having been in a previous dream. The shop was really small and seemed to open out onto the residential street, where it was quite misplaced, being the only shop/commercial building in this area, which was a quiet suburban road. The shop either had large floor to ceiling windows, or no windows at all, just an open front. I knew the male dream character who ran the shop - in this dream, and my memory of having been there before - he was a young male who was friends with my stepbrother JM. He was scruffy, but trendy - although I cannot give a good description of him, other than he was tall, think and white and his brown hair was messy and he was wearing hipster-style clothing. This male dream character recognised me, as if we had met before. He greeted me as if he was pleased I had come to see him. He told me that he needed to talk to me, because he was living at home with his parents and was experiencing some kinds of problems. I was aware that I was unable to stay at this secondhand record store for very long, as I wasn't supposed to be there, or 'someone' (unrecalled) wanted me to leave. The male and I sat cross-legged on the floor of the shop. The entire shop floor was empty - the minimal stock (vinyl records) were all mounted on the walls. I was anxious as I knew I had to leave, and thought it might be my own family who wanted me to go home. 

Scene 3: A Different Street, my Dream Town - Day
I was then somewhere else in my Dream Town - I am not sure how I got there, but it was now daytime. The area of the town I was in was a street with shops and houses on it - nothing odd. However, I was aware that there was a 'Victorian Carnival' taking place later that day and everyone was preparing for it. I did not see any of these preparations, and the only thing that seemed to reference the Victorian period was the fact that the shops would be turning grey and pointy - I am not sure how this was supposed to happen. I was walking slowly down the road by myself, and stopped outside a shop, which sold knitting and sewing supplies. I could see balls of coloured wool in the shop window (this reminded me of a shop which used to exist in Sheringham when I was a child). My Stepdad then hurried past me. He turned round to face me and I could see he was holding something wrapped in newspaper. He told me that it was 'crustaceans' for the 'Victorian Carnival'. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream. 

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place in my Dream Town - which is a town which appears recurrently in a number of my dreams. I am not sure when this Dream Town first began appearing in my dreams (i.e. whether it was a location I was aware of before I began recording my dreams on this Blog). Instead of giving lengthy descriptions and information in this post, I will link all dreams/posts which refer to my Dream Town below, so you can read for yourself. The weird thing is - in previous dreams, my Dream Town has been referred to as 'Sudsbury' - in one dream I purposefully ascertained the name of my Dream Town. At the time, I did not know where the real life Sud(s)bury was -  it turns out that it is in Suffolk, the adjoining county. What is odd is that Sudbury is the closest town to where AJR will live with his family upon his release from prison. A couple of days before this dream, we had been discussing places we could visit while he is on curfew (and therefore cannot travel far from his home) - I had been Googling places near Sudbury
  • A few days before this dream I had been talking about Carnival with my friends

*Edit(1): In the spirit of editing in, rather than editing out - when compiling the list of Dream Town dreams at the bottom of this post, I noticed that in Dream 740 - 'Bad Mother' (9 December 2016), I had a dream in which I had the following scene: 

Scene 2: A Record Store, My 'Dream Town' - Day
I was then in a record store, which I realised was in my 'Dream Town'...I felt like I had visited this record store before (I may have done, although I cannot find a relevant entry in my Dream Journal at the time of writing this dream up). It was a normal record store, with nothing out of the ordinary. I was involved in some kind of 'swap' (I cannot recall the details).

This makes me wonder if this was the initial dream of the record shop (as clearly I did not include the specific details I remembered about this shop, which I recalled within the current dream), or whether this was an occurrence of me remembering a completely separate and as yet unfound dream which did actually take place.

Dreams taking place in my Dream Town
Note that these may not be all dreams which feature my Dream Town, as I have only managed to find those which were correctly labelled as such, as there may be others which took place prior to me using this labelling system consistently.

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