Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Dream 1043

'Rejection by my Ex'
Date: 16 December 2019
Sleep times: 22:30 - 07:10 hours
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: A house belonging to my ex-boyfriend's family
Time: Unknown
I was in a domestic interior, which in the dream was the home of my ex-boyfriend, PS. This was not his real-life house in London. He lived in this home with his mum and his 2 sisters, as he did when I lived with them. There was some conversation with PS's younger sister, JGH. I cannot recall what the conversation was about, other than it involved their mother, CJS. 

I wanted to get back together with PS - it appeared that I was single in the dream, or at least there was no notion that I was already in a relationship or was cheating on my real-life boyfriend. PS told me he had experienced serious mental health issues and as a result, he was unable to rekindle our relationship. I felt rejected and abandoned.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
I cannot identify any relevant influences (i.e. day residue) for this dream. I have forgotten significant detail about this dream.

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