Friday, 27 December 2019

Dream 1045

'Inter-Planetary Travel & Vagina Lip Lumps'
Date: 21 December 2019
Sleep times: night - 05:00 hours 
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: Space travel to 'Planet Sheringham'
Time: Unknown (space - dark)
I don't recall much about this dream. I was trying to 'get home' to my home town of Sheringham, Norfolk, which involved inter-planetary travel. I am not sure if the entire planet I needed to travel to (through space) was 'Sheringham' as I already appeared to be on Earth - and it seemed as if I was in my current home of Norwich, which is 25 miles away from Sheringham. I see myself approaching the planet (it did not feel as if I was on a space craft per se - I was looking out of a window of what felt like normal public transport) as if I am travelling through space. The Sheringham Planet was a glowing yellow colour, much like the appearance of Venus. I arrive in Sheringham.
  • This scene could be inspired by Star Wars due to the fact I was travelling through space, approaching a planet.
  • I interpreted this scene as me feeling 'alienated' from my home planet - as if I am an alien in my own homeworld. This reflects feelings I have when I return to Sheringham (which I am due to do on 27 December 2019, when I am going home before attending a family wedding (see below).

Scene 2
Location: Domestic interior (Sheringham)
Time: Unknown 
I am in Sheringham, in a domestic interior with my Mum and one of her female friends (CC?) and other family members (unrecalled). I am reminded that I am due to attend as a guest at a wedding. I recall seeing CC's facial expression and noting that she seemed very unhappy. This led me to wonder if it was my presence which had put her in a bad mood and what I had done to upset her. There was a strong sense of unease within this part of the dream.

I cannot recall how AJ (my boyfriend) entered the dream, but he appeared. He was out of prison. He was being very smiley and jokey - his normal self (full of banter). He was depicted almost as a stereotype of himself, as there wasn't much substance I can recall about him within the dream.

I then became aware that I had a pea-sized hard lump on my vagina labia, quite close to my butthole. I was terrified and panicked at this discovery. Something made me put my hand into my underwear - I had not been aware of this lump until this point. I tried to seek help from my Mum as to what to do about this lump on my vagina, but she was no use at all. She seemed to think it was minor or trivial. I wanted to seek medical help, but my Mum acted like I was making too much of a big deal about this situation and she was nonchalant. She was the only way I could access medical help, and the fact she was unwilling to assist made me more panicked. This was a very nightmarish element of the dream.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
  • I am due to attend a family wedding - on the day of this dream I had been shopping to buy an outfit for the wedding.
  • CC appeared in a recent dream - Dream 1042 - 'Codface Shopping Trip' (15 December 2019) - in this dream she also seemed to be unhappy with me.
  • Recently I had a conversation with my friends which involved discussion of underwear and also gynecological examinations.
  • I have always suffered from severe hypochondria - especially regarding physical changes in my body.

The Planet Venus

Previous dreams:
Dream 1042 - 'Codface Shopping Trip' (15 December 2019) - This dream features CC appearing to be unhappy with me for unknown reasons.

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