Friday, 27 December 2019

Dream 1047

'The Pennant Institute'
Date: 23 December 2019
Sleep times: Night (unknown)
Dream type: Normal
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure (Version 2) (Day 4) - Partially successful

Scene 1
Location: An institution resembling a hospital - a school named 'The Pennant Institute' or 'Pettant Institute'
Time: Unknown
I was in an interior location which was within a building called the 'Pennant' or 'Pettant' Institute which gave me the impression of being a hospital or mental institution. It was a very white interior, of a clinical nature, with a lot of metal fixtures and fittings. I was there as a student, seated in this clinical room, with a number of (unrecalled) dream characters. We were re-sitting an exam, on the moon, which we had all failed. There was a projector in the room, showing a large image of the moon.

A TV/VCR was wheeled in on a stand (very similar to the TV/VCR we used to sit in front of at primary school, when we would be shown educational programmes in lessons). I assume the 'teacher' brought the TV in, but I cannot recall this. The video we would be watching would help us with our revision. This featured young Luke Skywalker (aka Mark Hamill) and Grand Moff Tarkin (aka Peter Cushing(1913 - 1994)) from Star Wars who were giving us guidance on 'doctrinal analysis'.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

  • It is currently assessment time for some of the students i teach - some of them had sought advice about what would happen if they failed exams.
  • My friends have recently completed their own studies - which makes me feel somewhat of a failure as I have prolonged my PhD by intercalating from study.
  • The projector showing an image relating to an exam reminds me of History of Art assessments I used to sit when studying at the University of York.
  • 'Doctrine' relates not only to the 'Tarkin Doctrine' in Star Wars (note that the moon-sized/shaped Death Star was the jewel in the crown of the Galactic Empire's weaponry programme, and Grand Moff Tarkin was the Commander-in-Chief of this super-weapon); but also references material I had been studying earlier on the day of this dream (doctrinal analysis of human rights - I had written the words 'doctrine' and 'doctrinal' numerous times in my notes).

 School TV & VCR on wheels
 Luke Skywalker (aka Mark Hamill) from Star Wars
Grand Moff Tarkin (aka Peter Cushing) from Star Wars

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