Monday, 9 December 2019

Dream 1035

'IDubbbz is Bae & Haunted Beaches'
Date: 30 August 2019
Scene 1: Sheringham Train Station - Day
I was at Sheringham Train Station, in the shelter (see image, below). I do not know what was happening at this time, because I cannot remember. I know it was day and other dream characters were present. I was standing facing into the shelter. Something with sharp teeth clamped it's mouth around my right hand. I do not know what this was at all - I do not know if it is because I do not remember, or because I did not look/know in the dream. It did hurt, but it left me with no injuries, which seemed odd to me, even in the dream. I assume it was an animal which bit me. 

I then became aware that Youtuber, IDubbbz (Ian Carter) was behind me - in his character as 'Content Cop' (see image, below). The Content Cop was a real person - not a fictional character played by IDubbbz, although in the dream, the Content Cop was actually called IDubbbz. He wasn't policing Youtube content - he was the actual police. He was frantically trying to find me because he needed me to help him investigate a 'haunted beach'. I did not want to investigate a haunted beach, but I was strongly attracted to Officer IDubbbz, so I was trying to tell him that we should go and get some food and hang out together. Officer IDubbbz was adamant that the haunted beach had to be investigated there and then - he was treating it as if it was a crime. He said we would have to climb a tree to keep some sort of surveillance of the haunted beach. We ended up walking down the high street to the beach. I was telling Officer IDubbbz that there was no way I could climb a tree and would not do it. It turned out - that exactly as it would be in real life - there were no trees near the beach. IDubbbz said that we could do a stake-out at the old council apartment building, Seacliff, which used to be 'Salty Towers'. This location has appeared in previous dreams as it was a significant place in my younger days. I was happy with this plan, as I thought I could convince Officer IDubbbz to take a break from investigating the haunted beach, and chill with me instead. 

We went into the building and seemed to climb a lot of stairs. It was typical inside - very bare, typical concrete and metal stairs and hallways that you would expect in an apartment building which primarily houses those on benefits or using it as a probation address. I think we went to the fourth floor, but I do not know. We entered a flat, which was just one big room and decorated sparsely in a very dated way - sort of like it hadn't really been redecorated for decades. There was a big window to one side of the room, looking out at the sea, but actually, the beach/sea was a lot closer than it is in real life, as shown in image, below. 

I sat down on a sofa and began to roll a joint. I had a grinder and weed and other necessary items. I did not seem to care that I was with Officer IDubbbz on a criminal investigation stake-out, and Officer IDubbbz did not seem to mind either. H He was standing bent over at the waist, looking out of the window at the beach, using a pair of binoculars. I could see in my mind's eye what he could see through the binoculars - it was just the Sheringham beach as it would normally look. I felt bored because Officer IDubbbz was taking the investigation too seriously and I wanted him to relax with me. Although the scene Officer IDubbbz (and I) had been looking at through the binoculars was daylight, but while sitting in the flat, it seemed to be night. Or at least, the lighting felt like nighttime lighting, whatever I mean by that!

Officer IDubbbz then summonsed me to the window in a panicked and sudden way, which made me jump because I wasn't expecting it and it was silent in the room before that. I cannot recall exactly what he said, but it was 'come and look at this!' sort of thing. I got up to look. I did not look out of the binoculars, I looked out of the window. It still looked like daytime out of the window. There was a ghost on the beach - I cannot say what it looked like much more than a transparent floating white sheet with a vaguely human shape, but not fully formed. Officer IDubbbz told me that the ghost was a heroin dealer and he needed to arrest him now because he 'crosses county lines'. He left the flat quickly, but I remained inside, at the window, looking at the heroin dealer ghost on the haunted beach. Within mere moments, Officer IDubbbz was on the beach with the heroin dealer ghost. He had a shotgun, and he shot the ghost point blank many times. It fell to the sand as if it was an actual formless sheet, and Officer IDubbbz kicked it into the sea. 

I woke up.

Additional Notes:
  • On the day of this dream I had read a post on Facebook, where someone was venting about pitbull owners who are vocal about how calm and loving their dogs are - stating that a pitbull mauling a child is very likely
  • I had been watching IDubbbz videos a lot before this dream, and I find him very attractive. Many of the references in this dream (the beach, climbing trees, shooting something with a shotgun etc) are direct references to IDubbbz, and in particular scene from his Content Cop series
  • Seacliff, or Salty Towers actually appeared in Dream 1000 - 'Choosing the Love of My Life in a Dream'
  • When I was in the stake-out flat with IDubbbz, I felt a weir familiarity of that flat, but I am not sure that it was definitely somewhere I had visited in Salty Towers. I have 2 random, but seemingly associated memories which seem linked to this flat. One of them is being in a flat at some point during my teenage years, when I was still living in Sheringham. However, I think this flat might have been in Cromer instead (note my friend DL just visited Cromer). I also have a vague recollection that it might have been during Cromer Carnival (note I had been discussing Cromer Carnival with 2 friends in different contexts around the time of this dream). I also think that a girl (MJ) might have been present (perhaps it was her flat? I think this might have been around the age of 17/18 years old) or maybe she was just there. She was an exceptionally strange girl, who was in social services care and used to be sexually inappropriate from a very young age - she used to touch other children and make obscene remarks. She was probably abused. My family knew her mum who had issues. Her dad and 2 brothers lived with the biological dad of all the children, opposite my home in Sheringham. MJ has had a very chaotic and messy life. Aside from this vague memory, I also had the associated one of sitting around a large table at school - I think it may have been primary school. One boy, at the end of the table is the focus of this memory. I think the book area (a small area with beanbags and bookshelves) was behind us. I do not know if this is a real memory or just a sort of constructed one, but it seems vague and vivid at the same time (I know that is contradictory, but I know what I mean - it seems like a real memory of a moment in time, which is weirdly significant for no reason I can remember)
  • AJ and I had briefly discussed something which involved someone who had been involved in 'county line' drug dealing

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