Friday, 27 December 2019

Dream 1048

'Subpoenaing James Charles'
Date: 23 December 2019
Sleep times: Night (unknown)
Dream type: Normal
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure (Version 2) (Day 5) - Partially successful

Scene 1
Location: My flat in Norwich
Time: Unknown
I became aware that James Charles (Youtuber/MUA/Social Media Influencer) was trespassing and squatting in the small top cupboard part of my fitted wardrobe in my real life bedroom (this small cupboard would only really fit a small cat comfortably). He had entered illegally and I was very anxious about him being there and wanted to evict him by way of an Eviction Order or Notice. 

Scene 2
Location: An unknown domestic interior (Norwich)
Time: Unknown
I was not sure exactly what this location was, but it seemed like a basic domestic interior, and possibly the kitchen, as I recall seeing a large dining table and perhaps a sink. It was not a location I am familiar with from real life. My Mum and (unrecalled) members of my family were present. I was telling my Mum that I had 'subpoenaed' James Charles (this was the incorrect word for what I really meant, which was 'serving an Eviction Notice'). My Mum was telling me I was unempathetic and cruel towards James Charles, and she began berating me for being insensitive and unsympathetic to his needs. She seemed to be saying I should let him stay.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

  • I had been watching a James Charles video on Youtube on the day of this dream.
  • I had recently been teaching classes in Law, which required my class to read a case involving trespass and squatting (and the denial of the defence of necessity).
  • I had recently heard the word 'subpoena' in relation to the Jeffrey Epstein (1953 - 2019) case - there was an indication Prince Andrew, Duke of York may be subpoenaed as a witness if he enters the US.
  • On the day of this dream I had been sitting on the bus, and overheard a conversation between a single woman and a couple (all elderly). The single woman was explaining that she gives money to charities for the homeless, but was concerned that if she gave money directly to homeless people on the street they might spend it on alcohol or drugs rather than necessities. I found her remarks to be self-righteous and condescending.

James Charles

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