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Dream Interpretation 18


30 December 2011

This dream involved me remembering a number of dream scenes from several months/years back, whilst in this new dream. I have previously referred to a town/city I have recurrent dreams of (for example, see Dream 6). When I became aware of the fact that I was once again in my familiar ‘dream town’ my dream-self re-lived the recalled dream-scenes which had taken place in this same location – as if I was seeing flashbacks. I also re-dreamt a tiny fragment of a previous dream that I remember from a couple of months ago. This was a very complex dream.

Main environment
  • The unknown, yet unfamiliar town. I was on a hill, looking down at houses and shops
  • In that town – a retro clothing shop that also served hot food (although there were no tables or chairs to sit at)
  • Memory of other parts of the same town 


  • Myself (as I appear in real-life – first person perspective)
  • PS (as he appears in real-life)
  • A young white male shopkeeper with dreadlocks, behind the counter
  • A young white, dark-haired male ‘waiter’ with a white apron
  • A bald dwarf in a white suit
  • N (the dog – a recurrent dream character)
Characters re-appearing from another dream:
  • Daniel Craig (current ‘James Bond’ in the film franchise)
  • The Kardashian family (by reference)
  • Katie Price aka ‘Jordan’ (by reference)

I was standing on a road, at the top of a hill with PS, looking down upon a town. As I recognised this town to be one I had experienced in previous dreams, my dream-self ‘recalled’ a previous dream which had taken place in another area of the same town (see above). I could see this ‘dream within a dream’ as if I was experiencing it again – in first person perspective. For example, at the top of the hill there are streets filled with terraced houses and some more shops. In this part of the town, I have previously (in another dream) ‘met’ two black males, both fans of hip hop music, one of whom is  known to me to be of Jamaican heritage  and living with his sisters and their children (I do not know of these persons in real-life). I have visited another area of town with these males – linked to an educational course I was enrolled on in the dream – it was right at the top of the hill, where all the ‘urban’ surroundings give way to beautiful hills and meadows. Across one of these meadows was a big warehouse, filled with freezers full of frozen food, which I assume to be for sale. There is a big clock in this warehouse. I recall looking at the food in the freezers and thinking it was cheap and poor quality. I have also seen the halls of residence of the university in this town/city, because I have attended there in another dream. The campus is set in a beautiful wooded area, away from the city centre, and the halls of residence are dilapidated and over-crowded, with narrow staircases and hundreds of occupied rooms crammed in next to random offices. It is unlike any university I have attended/visited in real-life.

PS and I walked down the hill. It was a nice, sunny day. We approached a row of shops and houses, which were all haphazard – i.e. not in the straight, organised rows at the top of the hill and along the route we had taken. In my mind, I knew what I would see if I carried on further – a narrow, shabby, run-down terraced street (with tall sandy-coloured buildings and shops dotted in amongst the houses) which led to the city centre, which was a confused mess of different styles of buildings – a mixture of urban and bohemian. I have been inside an antiques/brick-a-brack shop which has displays spilling out into the streets. 

In this dream, however, we came to a vintage clothing store and went inside. There was a counter to the left-hand side of the door, behind which stood the shop assistant, a young white male with dreadlocks. PS said he wanted to order some food from the vintage clothing shop. I envisaged white polystyrene containers with plastic cutlery. I said words to the effect of: "no, the food won't be good, it won't get served in time". I was aware that there was another customer, standing beside the counter, who was also waiting for food to be served, but I didn't see him at this point. I think PS may have referred to the fact someone else had also just ordered food, so it must be coming. At this very moment, another young white male approached from the back of the shop (a dark doorway directly opposite the entrance). He had a white apron around his waist and was carrying cutlery wrapped in white napkins. PS said: "look the food is coming now". My attention was drawn to the other customer, who I had only sensed the presence of previously - he was a 'little person' or 'dwarf' to use the colloquial term; completely bald and dressed in a white suit. I did not associate him as being Verne Troyer, despite the obvious similarities. The bald dwarf was creating mayhem, knocking items down from the shelf behind him. The shop assistant with dreadlocks and his colleague with the apron, looked on, taking no actions. I said to PS: "get rid of him" - which triggered PS to forcibly push the bald dwarf through a glass door which was now visible behind the counter (I did not notice it before). The bald dwarf fell sprawling to the pavement.  I tried to say the phrase "fuck you, Warwick Davis!" (to taunt him sarcastically - I knew the dwarf was not actually Warwick Davis), but I kept stumbling and stuttering over the words and couldn't pronounce the name "Warwick". I persisted until I got it right, then I burst out laughing at my own joke. The next thing I noticed, the entire length and breadth of the left-hand side wall behind the counter/shop assistant was now taken up by a huge glass window, through which I could see the city streets - with shops, trees, restaurants and cars driving by. I thought of Edgware Road, in north west London, a Middle-Eastern area of the city, but I knew it wasn't the actual location. PS and I got closer to the window. There was a king-size bed with a blue duvet (as in real-life) positioned right in front of the window. N was on the left-hand side of the bed. The duvet kept lifting mysteriously on its own, then would fall down, trying to entrap N. Every attempt to enclose him in the duvet failed as he kept moving out of the way. I knew the bald dwarf was responsible, although I could not see him. The duvet was moving like a tidal wave, and was vaguely reminiscent of the scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) where Johnny Depp is pulled into the bed and massacred by Freddy Krueger. I knew the bald dwarf/duvet was ultimately intending to kill N. PS and I were then outside, standing at the foot of the bed. N was lying on the end of the bed (the duvet was now neat and flat as if the bed had been freshly made). He was limp and still, as if dead or comatose, but I said "he's not really dead, he's play acting badly". I saw his back paw twitch and wondered if we were being filmed for a movie.

I then saw Daniel Craig in the street.  (This is an actor I do not particularly care for - a few weeks ago, a daily newspaper (The Daily Mail) published a quote from Daniel Craig, criticising the Kardashian family for being ‘media-whores’ and sacrificing their privacy and dignity. His disparaging remarks about the reality TV stars were re-printed in other media.) I wanted to confront him about what he had said, thinking “he’s a hypocrite to criticise the Kardashian family when he’s married to Jordan” aka Katie Price, UK glamour model, reality TV star and entrepreneur). In the dream I thought to myself, I've met him before and already told him what I think of him condemning the Kardashian family and his hypocrisy. I woke up. I had a feeling that I had dreamed of the confrontation with Daniel Craig on an earlier occasion (possibly just after I had read the article about Daniel Craig and the Kardashians), which is what I was referring to by 'already told him what I think...' Therefore this may have been an example of a dream remembered within a dream?

Potential triggers
  • Media reports concerning all the celebrities which appeared in this dream.
  • Recently watched Life’s Too Short, a television show starring Warwick Davis as himself, a has-been dwarf actor running a dwarf talent agency – in which he suffers many misfortunes and falls over a lot.
  • Recently watched part of  a television programme about the greatest all-time movie mistakes – some of which involved actors pretending to be dead/unconscious, but inadvertently twitching/moving body parts.
  • A friend had told me that day of a recurrent childhood dream where he would be in bed and scared that something was under the duvet with him – he would try to lift the duvet, but would be too anxious to see what was actually under there.
  • I had also told friends (on the day of the dream) of a restaurant I had been to once in Camden, London where I’d had to refuse to pay for a vegetable tagine which was watery,  flavourless and contaminated with a long human hair. The souk bar restaurant was next to retro clothing stalls/shops.


Dream within a dream:
  1. A review of an earlier or later situation than that of the original dream
  2. A change to a different level of detail, consciousness, or mood of the dreamer
  3. A portrayal of a "what if" scenario, perhaps that is a bit of a stretch for the dreamer to imagine
  4. A temporary diversion in the dream itself, or representing an actual temporary diversion in the dreamer's life
  5. An aspect of the dreamer's life that the dreamer tends to compartmentalise or to see separately from the rest of their life
  6. A matter that the subconscious mind suddenly decides to explore
  7. A typical shift from one event in a series to the next, then happening to return to the first event
  8. Some other shift in reality or perception; subconscious device to change the context/time-frame of a dream
* Note that I do not plan to interpret the symbolism of my ‘dreams within the dream’ in this post – when I eventually get round to doing this, I will do so in a separate post.

Something repeated within a dream:
  1. An emphasis or focus on whatever is repeated
  2. The idea of trying again or another chance
  1. A way to get from one place to another, either literally or symbolically - as in series of events or one action leading to certain results
  2. Your life path or life journey, or a portion of it - past, present or future
  1. The passage of time; making progress; moving forward in life
  2. A transition to show a separation or passage of time between topics portrayed in a dream Moving along your life path
  3. A real-life activity
Entering through a door:
The passage from one space/time-frame to another

  1. An area of your life - such as work or home
  2. Almost any public place
  3. Abundance or availability
  4. Needs; desires; opportunities; options
Thrift shop:
  1. Experiences from the past may still be learnt from
  2. Forgotten skills may be drawn for in a current situation
Physical, emotional or spiritual nourishment; energy

  1. Rejection of traditional values and beliefs
  2. Going against societal norms
  3. A metaphor for something ‘dreaded’
  1. The duty of taking orders or requests and then fulfilling them
  2. Providing or giving; providing a service for payment
  3. Carrying or delivering things (objects, money, information, messages etc)
  1. Preparing to provide or create physical, mental, emotional or spiritual nourishment
  2. Cooking or kitchen activities
  3. Creativity
  4. Shop work, building or crafting something
  5. Motherhood
  6. Protection
  1. The means by which you support, nourish, or nurture yourself physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually
  2. Ability to access and use your environment (nutrition, relationships, situations, resources, information etc) wisely in a way that supports and nurtures you
A means of or an attempt to clean up a ‘mess’  or problem in your life

Small person (not a child):
  1. Great power in a small package or amount; the ability to do a lot with a little
  2. The early or middle stages of a process, phase, development, maturation or a cycle
  3. Slow progress towards a goal; a process that stopped or was interrupted
  4. Child-like qualities; a sense of humour; wonder;  magic
  5. An assisting role
  1. Purity; humility; personal sacrifice
  2. Stage of life where you are confident to expose yourself
  3. Lack of self-esteem; anxieties regarding ageing process
Another person displaying aggressive behaviour:
  1. Your feeling that the world is an aggressive or negative place
  2. A recent real-life event where you experienced someone else's anger
  3. Anger as part of an issue that's on your subconscious mind right now
  1. Actual or feared persecution; hostility; aggression; criticism; attack
  2. Hostility, hatred, intolerance of whatever is being attacked
  3. Insecurity or fear of whatever is being attacked
  4. Feeling threatened
  5. Lack of compassion, understanding, reverence or respect of others
  6. Feeling that the world is an unfriendly place
  7. A current or recent situation where you feel your boundaries were crossed or your integrity been compromised
Pushing someone:
  1. Being pushy with opinions or ideas
  2. Encouraging the person to do something or to do a good job
  3. Aggression or ill will; rejection
House/room full of windows:
Exposure; vulnerability

Glass of a window pane:
  1. Awareness or clarity - especially of situations, events, people, dynamics etc out in the world
  2. Ability to see or be seen
  3. Transparency, such as a person's thoughts or feelings being easy to read
  4. Communication; openness; honesty
  5. Invisible barrier, such as a ‘glass ceiling’ or other situation where you can see something but not get to it, or see someone but not communicate with them
Something behind glass:
 Protection; security;  the idea of value; desirability; preservation

Shelf/items on a shelf:
  1. Being ‘shelved’ – i.e. stored or set aside
  2. An aspect of yourself or your life you want to be visible to others
  3. Certain details or aspects of your life – consider the items and meaning
  1. Inner thoughts or relationship within yourself
  2. A romantic relationship, especially communication and emotional intimacy within a relationship
  3. Security and safety - especially emotional
  1. Obscured view or limited understanding
  2. Concealment or hiding
  3. Protection
  4. Misrepresentation or dishonesty
  5. Denial
  6. Sexually conservative attitudes
Loyalty; fidelity; protection

Something being alive:
  1. Perseverance
  2. Reliability
  3. A purpose or activity
  4. That person is on your mind right now for some reason
  5. You are recognising the life-force, Spirit, or soul within that person
The subconscious mind cannot always separate the concept of ‘knowing’ a person from ‘knowing’ of a person via the media. Talking to or about a celebrity, as if they are known to you as a person, within the dream may reflect your waking perceptions or your desire to communicate and interact with them.
Verne Troyer - the dwarf or 'little person' in my dream resembled Troyer's 'Mini-me' character in the Austin Powers films. In my dream, he wore a white suit similar to that depicted in the above image
Warwick Davis
The Kardashian-Jenner Family
Daniel Craig aka 'James Bond'
Katie Price aka 'Jordan'
The actual dream interpretation isn’t particularly enlightening, but in any event, the aspect which most interests me is the exact nature of the ‘dream town’ and my subconscious memories of being there and knowing it well – when I finally master lucidity in another dream I intend to explore this place further and attempt to unlock its significance.

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