Monday, 30 January 2012

Dream Interpretation 29


29 January 2012

Lucid dreaming experiments/techniques 
  • Mental/training – MILD technique (with 20 minutes of alpha binaural beats); WBTB (Wake-Back-to-Bed) technique (woke after approximately 6 hours of delta sleep; remained awake for several minutes, then returned to MILD technique/sleep)
  • Binaural beats – 20 minutes of alpha during (MILD technique before sleep); 90 minutes of delta (to induce delta sleep); 20 minutes of alpha (following WBTB/MILD techniques upon waking); 1 hour of theta/gamma mix (to induce lucid dream state)
  • LDS – high strength cod liver oil enriched with omega 3, 6 & 9 (3,600 mg); multivitamins A – Z with evening meal; sea kelp (90 mg); CoEnzyme Q-10 (150 mg); Gingko Biloba (120 mg); and Vitamin B Complex with additional vitamin B6 (10 mg). No 5-HTP (experimenting without to test improvement in dream recall) 

Potential triggers/’day residue’   
  • I mentioned France during a conversation the day before this dream
  • The Costa Concordia disaster (13th January 2012) has been featured extensively in the news recently
  • Before bed, I was looking at some ‘red carpet’ photos from the Golden Globes Awards 2012 on the internet and saw a picture of an unknown male celebrity wearing a striking grey pinstriped suit
  • I watched Eastenders the day before this dream
  • I was looking at ‘friends of friends’ profile pictures on Facebook and one girl (who was posing provocatively in one image) looked completely different in her other pictures, where her appearance was more boyish and less glamorous (more obviously airbrushed/poorly digitally-enhanced)

Main dream environment(s) 
  • (Scene 1):
A cross-channel ferry sailing on very rough sea
  • (Scene 2):
A composite environment comprising of the hallway/foot of the stairs at my grandmother, PC’s house in Sheringham and the stairs as featured in the fictional Queen Victoria pub in TV soap, Eastenders
  • (Scene 3):
My bedroom in London

(Present in all scenes):
  • Myself (I did not see myself)
(Scene 1):
  • An elderly white couple – a man and a woman
(Scene 2):
  • JGH (PS’ younger sister)
(Scene 3):
  • PS
  • A short white girl, with a very masculine appearance and blonde hair in a ‘bowl cut’, wearing blue jeans and a navy jumper

Dream narrative
  • (Scene 1):
I was aboard a ferry. It took me a while to get my bearings and figure this out. I was sitting beside an elderly couple, who were wearing summer hats and looking after numerous suitcases and items of luggage. I said: “where are we going?” They said; “obviously France” to which I replied: “it could have been Holland”. I looked towards the window and saw an expanse of choppy, rough ocean. I felt the ferry rocking violently. I hoped we would be safe.
  • (Scene 2):
I was at the bottom of the stairs, about to climb them. JGH approached me from a doorway to the side (which does not exist in real-life in either of the ‘composite’ hallway locations). She showed me a bag she had bought, which was refashioned from a pinstripe suit jacket. I said it was nice.
  • (Scene 3):
I entered my bedroom in London. PS was sitting in the office chair at the desk closest to the bed. The room appeared exactly as it does in real-life. The boyish female was standing as close to him as she possibly could. I walked over to them and sat on the bed, adjacent. I heard the girl say: “I didn’t know where to meet you”. They seemed to be carrying out some form of transaction involving paper. I was angry. I thought: ‘if she doesn’t leave immediately, I will kill her’. I looked over at the chair I usually sit on when using the computer (positioned on the second desk, along the wall opposite the bed). I saw the pinstripe suit jacket bag lying on the chair. I went over and picked it up. I woke up.

Stormy seas
I will interpret some of the dream symbolism at a later stage, but you will find some of the symbolism analysed elsewhere.

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