Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dream Interpretation 20


2 January 2012

Main environment
I’m not sure – it seemed like a brightly lit interior, yet I could see no detail other than a single chair.

I don’t know

  • Myself (first person perspective) 
  • A white female with dark hair  
  • A white male – I do not recall his appearance
    I was in a room and before me there was a woman seated in a chair. She wasn’t known to me in either the dream or real-life. There was a man standing behind her, with his hands on her shoulders. He said to me: “look closer”. I approached the woman and saw she had a network of thick white scars on her top lip – they looked like tree branches. I woke up.

    Potential triggers 
    I can’t think of any, although I did read a book last year which featured a close-up image of a woman with a scarred top lip on the cover.


    1. A feeling of observing rather than participating
    2. An objective or neutral observer's perspective
    3. Curiosity or a desire to understand whatever is represented by the object being watched in the dream 
    1. A physical or emotional wound
    2. A memory of a past emotional challenge
    3. The results or consequences of hostility or ill will
    4. Healing; recovery; renewal
    5. Deep-rooted insecurity 
    Expression;  sensuality;  communication;  secrets

    There was little I could interpret in this dream, which seemed to be over in seconds. As soon as I ‘saw’ a close-up of the woman’s scarred lips, the dream ended. In order to analyse what this dream means, I need to discover who the male/female characters represent.

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