Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dream premonitions?

I thought I’d post an update with regard to some of my previous dreams/some dreams relayed to me by PS in light of some recent events. I do not wish to suggest my (or other people’s) dreams do have a ‘predictive’ quality – I do not believe in ‘psychics’ or ‘fortune tellers’ and will not do so until such ‘powers’ of the mind are tested under double-blind, peer-reviewed empirical analysis. I do however believe that our dreams reflect the material of the subconscious – memories;  suspicions; anxieties - perhaps  also, on occasion, stimuli or information which is imperceptible to the conscious mind or has not been fully acknowledged or recalled in a waking state.  I will simply write up these current events (I apologise for the vagueness of some accounts, but you will undoubtedly understand my necessity for censorship...) and let my readers come to their own conclusions. Please make sure you click on the related links below which will take you to the relevant dream interpretations for a background to the topics discussed below :)

  1. PS informed me that on 27th December 2011 he had recalled a dream where he was at home and became aware a gang of men were trying to break in to commit armed robbery. This is consistent with my experiencing him shouting out aggressively in his sleep on the night in question.  Approximately two days later (it is marked in my academic diary as 29th December 2011, but I filled in these pages several days later, so I may be out by a day or so in my estimation), in the evening a gang of men from the estate came to the house with weapons with the intent to commit robbery/assault. PS. The reason given was nonsensical – involving music video production/promotion or suchlike. One of our friends, trying to diffuse the situation, was jumped on by several of the gang and attacked, although everyone else thankfully remained unharmed. Because the police were not alerted immediately, the incident continued in the road outside the house for almost 40 minutes, during which time there was a lot of panic over how far things might go - i.e. they were threatening to kick down the door. During this time PS tried to contact friends to come and assist in getting rid of the gang – and no-one was available, perhaps not appreciating the severity of the threats being made from outside - i.e. phone calls for help went unanswered. This is consistent with elements of a dream involving a relevant party and an unanswered call for help via mobile phone, following threats of death, which I reported in this post (dream interpretation 10 – dream date:  15th December 2011).
  2. PS then informed me last week that he had a dream where he was driving in his car. There seemed to be something wrong with the engine and PS checked the petrol gauge. He thinks he may have been lucid at this point , as when he noticed the petrol tank was indicated as empty, he questioned how this could be so, remembering the fact that in real-life he had filled the tank just a few hours before going to sleep and having the dream. He knew it was not the petrol, but the car stopped and wouldn’t start. A couple of days later, on 4th January 2011, PS went out in his car, which was driving fine. He returned home and went out again a moment later, at which point his car (which up until this time, had never shown any problem) broke down. It needed a new cylinder.  
  3. In my post on 3rd January 2012, regarding dream interpretation 18 (dream date: 30th December 2011) I had a dream which involved the dog, N and his attempted ‘killing’ by a mysterious unseen being, which resulted in him being in a limp state on a bed with a blue duvet. On Thursday 5th January 2012, we awoke to find that N was severely ill (with what transpired to be gastroenteritis due to a third party feeding him unsuitable food for his sensitive digestive system) and requiring immediate admission to the vets for emergency treatment. While in the process of calling the vets to find out who was closest in distance and could book him in the fastest, N lay on the bed – a double-bed with a blue duvet – looking still and limp. Furthermore, on the left-hand side of his neck, the vet has shaved a section of fur (for skin tests), leaving a bald patch the same shape as the symbolic 'speech balloon/bubble N', appearing in dream interpretation 16 (dream date: 27th December 2011) which is contained in this post.

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