Monday, 16 January 2012

LILD (Letter/symbol induced lucid dreaming)

Letter induced lucid dreaming (or the ‘LILD technique’) is excellent for beginners to lucid dream training. It is sometimes referred to as symbol induced lucid dreaming, but I will refer to it as LILD to avoid confusion when discussing the sex induced lucid dreaming ( or the SILD technique). As with most lucid dream induction techniques, the LILD technique is a DILD method – a dream initiated lucid dream – i.e. you enter the lucid state from a sleeping state (as opposed to a WILD – wake initiated lucid dream). The LILD technique is very easy and safe to use – unlike some other the other forms of lucid dream induction method, such as TILD (third induced lucid dreaming) or UILD (urination induced lucid dreaming) which may present health risks for certain individuals. 

LILD is a form of symbol-induced lucid dream – you basically train your mind during wakeful hours, to perform a reality check every time you encounter your specifically chosen dream symbol. Any symbol is suitable, but a letter or other text-based symbol is recommended as we tend to come across these frequently throughout the day, often inadvertently, whilst watching TV, shopping, driving etc. Once you have chosen your letter/symbol – for example, the ‘@ symbol’ – train yourself to perform a reality check (‘am I dreaming?’) every time you see it in your waking life. At bedtime, sleep for 5 – 6 hours then wake yourself. Stay awake for approximately an hour. Concentrate on the ‘@ symbol’ – perhaps read some text or look at images of your symbol on the internet. Once your brain is adequately trained to reality check automatically when you encounter the ‘@ symbol’, if the symbol appears in your dream you will most likely perform the reality check in the dream and become self-aware/lucid. When might the ‘@ symbol’ pop up in a dream? Perhaps a dream about sending an email, or using Twitter? When you begin to successfully harness the LILD technique you will be surprised at how quickly your selected letter/symbol will incorporate itself into your dreams (its a form of ‘day memory’ or intentionally imprinted ‘day residue’, to use Freud’s term for processed material which imprinted itself on the unconscious mind, appearing in symbolic dream form – although Freud did not use his terminology in the context of lucid dreaming) – the trick is remembering to reality check as a means of ‘triggering’ lucidity. Looking back on some of my dreams, the morning after, I am often shocked at how many ‘lucidity triggers’ I either completely miss or simply waste by not performing a reality check. Remember, your brain is sending you signals – invaluable lucid dream opportunities – every time a specifically chosen symbol presents itself in dream form.


  1. Lets say i pick A letter as my letter or symbol. But this A letter appear very often in real life. So should i perform reality check each time i see A letter ? coz it show up very often in real life. Thx

    1. Hi, I understand it might be difficult to perform a reality check every time you see a letter A in real life. Maybe you could do the reality check every time you see an 'A' which is particularly prominent (for example, large in size, a certain colour etc). Research has shown that the most effective way to reality check is to perform up to 20 per day, while really focusing on your self-awareness (questioning whether you are asleep or awake, and drawing a conclusion from your senses and environment - even if it does appear obvious you are awake). You could use the letter 'A' by having it written on a piece of paper or the back of your hand and then looking at that before doing the reality check, then you could ignore the presence of other letter As you see during the day. The written letter A you carry around/write on your hand would then act as a kind of lucid dream totem. I have just written a new Tutorial on Dream Journals, Dreamsigns and Reality Checks, which may interest you: Please let me know if I can help further in any way.