Friday, 10 April 2015

Dream 406

'Freelance Travelling Sperm Donation Collector'
Dream date: 10 April 2015
I was employed as a freelance travelling sperm donation collector. I went to a grand house, which was more like a mansion. Everything in the very fancy hallway was furnished in dark oak and plush red velvet. There was a huge staircase in front of the front door, and to the left of this, a dark oak dresser. This hallway - and the rest of the house - was quite dark. The owner of the house was a male dream character named 'Alex Kent' - he was in his 20s and mixed-race (he had black skin, but I knew he was mixed-race). He closely resembled Richard Ayoade. He wore red glasses and a red plaid shirt with jeans. I had come to collect his sperm. On the dresser in the hallway was a book, which had a picture of Alex Kent's face on it - it was a biography of him, but I was not aware if he was famous or well-known. He seemed that he might be wealthy from his house.

I joined Alex Kent in a different room, which I cannot recall well. We sat beside each other and Alex turned away from me so that he could 'extract' his semen/sperm. I am assuming that he was masturbating, but I did not see/hear this take place and the extraction was over in approximately a minute. He put it into a small, clear vial which had measurements (in millimetres) down the side. I did not have anywhere to keep the vial, so I put it into my vagina. I hoped I would not either catch an STD or become pregnant from doing this, although I reassured myself that the vial was well-sealed. 

I was then in a seaside town, which I think was Sheringham. I was with my stepdad, and I was discussing my new job as a freelance travelling sperm donation collector. I was aware that I still had the vial of semen in my vagina. In the area which I recall to be the narrow road between The Crown and a pub which was formally known as 'The Shannocks' (I am not sure if this pub is still in business or what it is now called, but it used to be called 'The Shannocks' when it was owned by the same person as the opposite pub, The Two Lifeboats, and managed by my mum). See the Google Maps images below to see the location I am referring to. 

In the location marked on the first map, there was now a massive square canal. Inside the canal was the moon, submerged in the clear blue water (obviously smaller than the real moon, but still huge). Workmen were using mops to scrub the moon clean. My stepdad and I were walking past together and stopped to watch this. The town was getting ready for a celebration - perhaps the annual carnival. It was daylight, but not very sunny. The area was very crowded with pedestrians and there was an uplifting, exciting feel. My stepdad and I discussed the washing of the moon in the canal.

My stepdad and I then went to a house which was in the process of being renovated, by the female members of the Kardashian family. The house was made of wood and was just the basic structure, as if it had been gutted. Each female Kardashian was doing some DIY. Kim Kardashian was sanding down a door-frame in what would be the kitchen area. She was wearing white overalls. I joined her and she started hitting me - not very forcibly, but that was just because she was weak, not from a lack of intent to hurt me. I was pretty annoyed with her for trying to assault me, so I pushed her really hard and she fell through the doorway, into what I then realised was a fiery inferno. I could see the flames licking through the doorway as soon as Kim had been consumed by the fire. I then went through to what would be the lounge area, which was slightly similar to the lounge in my former house in Pine Grove, Sheringham, but was larger. I stood in the middle of the floor and realised that Kim Kardashian used to be Julia Davis (my favourite female celebrity). Julia had somehow transformed into Kim several years ago

I was then in a situation where it was clear that my cousin HM and I were competing for the affections of Alex Kent. HM had been 'throwing herself' at him and I was aware and jealous. I found myself on a bus/train. Alex Kent was sitting a few seats ahead of me. I was sitting with my mum. HM sat next to Alex Kent and threw her arms around his neck in a loving way, and started kissing his face. I thought she was acting over-the-top and didn't know what I should do to show him how I felt about him. 

My mum and I then approached Alex Kent and my mum was singing my praises to him, trying to convince him that I was a more appropriate match than HM. Alex Kent seemed to be persuaded by this and I felt that I had won the contest.

We then disembarked at a train station. Alex Kent and I were outside the station, crossing a road. It was daylight and sunny. Alex Kent was just in front of me. I was aware that the journey had taken us 5 hours to get from Sheringham to Norwich, with several changes of public transport, and this confused me as the journey would usually take no more than an hour by train and much less by car. I then realised - I think Alex Kent told me - that we had started in Sheringham, gone to his home town of Baconsthorpe, then to Holt and then onto Norwich, which was why the journey had taken so long. The train station was not actually the real-life Norwich train station, it was much larger and the area looked more urban. I noticed that Alex Kent was no longer black - his skin had lightened, and he looked less attractive than he previously had done.

TIME: 03:00 - 13:00 hours (I am not sure when this dream took place)
SPECIAL NOTES: None of note

  • There is unlikely to be a freelance, travelling sperm donation collector job (C - Context).
  • I would never keep a vial of someone's semen in my vagina (C - Context).
  • It would be impossible for such a large canal to be located in this part of Sheringham (F - Form).
  • The moon submerged in water and being scrubbed clean is completely impossible (A - Action/F - Form).
  • It is unlikely the Kardashuans would do their own renovation of a normal family home in Sheringham (C - Context).
  • The fiery inferno was inside a wooden door frame, but safely contained (A - Action/F - Form/C - Context).
  • Kim Kardashian used to be Julia Davis (C - Context).
  • Norwich train station was very different from real-life (IA - Inner Awareness/F - Form).
  • Alex Kent changed race, which I noticed in the dream (F - Form/C - Context).

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • My cousin HM.
  • Journeys which take far longer than they actually should because an inexpedient route was taken instead of a direct one.

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • I am in the process of writing an article on Sex & Dreams.
  • I recently watched an episode of Peep Show in which an unemployed Jeremy donates sperm to a sperm bank to earn some money.
  • The night before this dream - in a conversation with a friend, I had mentioned both Richard Ayoade and Julia Davis.
  • The night before this dream I watched an episode of Come Dine With Me in which one of the contestants was an author. One scene showed the contestants looking through one of his novels and looking at an author's photograph in the front pages.
  • I have a much-loved, illustrated children's book (which I had picked up and flicked through several days before this dream) - Joan Aiken & Jan Pienkowski, Past Eight o'Clock, which is a collection of short-stories based on international fairytales and myths. In this book, there is a story called 'Bye Baby Bunting' which contains a scene where a grandmother has to use a mop to wipe clean the face of the moon. The night before this dream I had been looking at images from one of my new favourite artists, Aleksandra Waliszewska,(who is Polish, like Pienkowski). Both Waliskewska and Pienkowski - who are very different artistically - are inspired by fairytales and mythology. Being inspired by the work of Waliskewska may also account for the name of 'Alex Kent' in the dream.
  • The day before this dream I had seen a clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians in which Kim was shown punching her sister Kourtney Kardashian and some text on the same article referred to rivalry between the Kardashian sisters. I have a cousin whose name is similar to 'Kourtney' (different spelling) and recently, I had some photographs (online) which she had taken of the moon, close-up, using a telescope.
  • I recently watched an episode of Peep Show in which Mark gets a job as a travelling salesman, but has to use public transport as he cannot drive - one job involved him taking hours to arrive at his client's business because he had to take public transport. In another episode, he makes reference to taking 5 different means of public transport to 'casually' visit his love-interest Dobby at her place of employment, where she is working freelance.
  • About a week before I had this dream, I had Google searched for some images of Baconsthorpe.
  • A couple of days before this dream I had commented on an online discussion about racism and the media, stating that I was disgusted when magazines or companies use Photoshop to lighten the skintone of black models/celebrities to appeal to Euro-centric beauty standards.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I woke up from this dream in a positive mood, but felt intrigued and inspired by it, because it was quite vivid and unusual. I felt slightly disgusted about the scenes involving my employment as a freelance travelling sperm donation collector!

* I have forgotten some important dream scenes in which I was interacting with Alex Kent. I think these dream scenes 'explain' why I was so keen to win the contest for his affection/attention with my cousin, HM, as in the dream I really felt like I knew him well and had shared some kind of (non-sexual) experience with him. This is really annoying for me, because I recalled the dream in full when I first awoke, but then I received a phone call which distracted me before I could write it down. The memory of the dream scenes I have forgotten are like a 'brain itch' or the feeling of something being on 'the tip of your tongue' and just out of reach. If I do recall these dream scenes later (and I think there is a good chance of this, as the memory feels like it is just below the surface of my consciousness) I will record them below.

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