Sunday, 5 April 2015

Dream 400

'Police Helicopters'
Dream date: 4 March 2015
This was such a short, boring dream for Dream 400, but it happened during an afternoon nap.

There was an old female dream character making me go somewhere with her. I cannot recall this dream scene in any detail.

I was the by the lake/broads at my university. There is a section round the back of the lake which has a wooden walk-way going off to the nature trail/reserve. On one side of the walkway is the river which adjoins to the lake/broads and on the other is grass/scrub-land. I could not find an online image of the precise area I am referring to, but I did find one of my university lake which was significant in terms of this dream narrative (see below).

I was standing on the scrub-land, which had more foliage around it than in real-life (green plants, bushes and trees). Instead of the lake/river, there was a field, separated from the wooden walkway by a hedge. The field was about 20 metres away from where I was standing. I was smoking a cannabis joint, and had nearly finished, when I saw a helicopter approaching the area where I was standing, coming from the direction of the main university campus. I didn't feel particularly alarmed, because I thought it was nothing to do with me. I then realised that it was a police helicopter and it was actually coming to find me because I was illegally smoking cannabis.  The helicopter was white with a black or navy stripe running horizontally across it. I could see the police officer leaning out of the helicopter as it circled, trying to land. I had now finished the joint, so I threw the roach onto the ground. The helicopter landed in the nearby field, opposite me. Two police officers got out and started gesticulating to an unseen person/group of people (in the direction it had just flown from, which in real-life would be where the lake is, surrounded by forest, and on the other side of this, the big field, my house and the main part of campus). The gestures of the two (male) police officers were similar to air traffic controllers. I was completely paranoid that I would be arrested if they could smell the cannabis on me. 

I heard my doorbell ring (I am still not sure if this was in real-life or just the dream). I woke up suddenly.

TIME: 18:00 - 19:30 hours

  • Appearance of the broads/lake area on my university campus (IA - Inner Awareness/ F - Form).

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
None of note.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
Shock at being woken by the sudden doorbell - confusion as whether my doorbell was actually rang or whether this was part of the dream. I was also annoyed because I could not recall the earlier part of this dream.

* If I recall any of the forgotten parts of this dream, I will record them below.

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