Sunday, 19 April 2015

Dream 413

'Saying Goodbye to Dogs'
Dream date: 17 April 2015
I was in a class-room environment, although it is not one which I recall specifically from real-life (see diagram, below). I entered from the door to the right and went over to the location marked on the disgram, sitting next to my housemate, BG. The room was very bright, with yellow lights. I looked across the aisle and say AP (wearing blue denim leggings) sitting across from me. I had the sense that this was my seat and she had taken it because she arrived in the classroom before me (I was late). The class had already undertaken a test and were in the process of marking it. I was given my test paper, which was blank, because I had arrived late. Everyone was discussing answers and asking me what I thought about the test (the room was filled with other dream characters, who I know in real-life, but cannot recall from the dream). I was asking everyone on my desk to give me the answers so I could write them on my empty answers sheet, but no-one was helping me, they were all too concerned with getting their tests marked.

Then, BG and I had to suddenly get the work duty phone from a locker. We were really worried, because we had forgotten to get the phone in time for one of us to start our shifts (I am not sure who was supposed to be working) and feared that our boss might find out. We went to a row of lockers which was in another part of the school which looked exactly like the old IT part of the technology block in my high school (although there were no lockers in the real-life technology block). We got the work duty phone out of the locker, as well as a radio - and found that the phone had been already switched on and had no missed calls, which put our minds at ease. 

I then found myself in an outside environment which was quite grey and overcast. I was standing with an older male dream character (who I knew in the dream) and everything around us was made of concrete (rather like my university campus). On the floor was a (life-size) chalk drawing of a large, shaggy dog called 'Mami'. The drawing looked quite child-like and basic. Apparently this drawing was an actual dog in the dream and had been re-homed and so would be leaving our care. I was sorry to lose Mami (who I loved very much in the dream), but the male dream character reminded me that we still had another dog, 'Ugandi' who would be staying with us. He started to groom the chalk drawing of the dog.

I was then in an environment which looked very much like my nan's living-room in Sheringham (with me facing the arm-chair by the kitchen, with the airing/boiler cupboard to my left). However, this was also a classroom. VW (a friend from high school and college) was seated in the arm-chair and was telling me about a class that we both had to undertake. VW was in a different group from me, and had already attended one of the classes. She told me what it was about, but I cannot recall, other than it involved calendars (there was a calendar on the wall) and farm animals. She told me the course/class was 'easy'. I looked at a timetable which was pinned to the airing cupboard door, which had a list of the classroom groups. I was 'Group 2' and my name was at the bottom of the list (of around 10 names). I did not see if my name was written properly (or in the strange way text often appears in dreams), but could see that my last name was double-barrelled and much longer than the other students' names (which is how it should/usually appears in real-life). Without specifically looking at the spelling of my name, it looked correct (although not clearly seen). I had some further conversation with VW.

TIME: 09:00 - 12:00 hours 
SPECIAL NOTES: None of note

  • Mami the living 'chalk' dog - this was completely impossible, as was grooming a chalk drawing (A - Action. F - Form/ C - Context)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • Classroom/school/learning institution
  • Dogs
  • My nan's living-room

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • It transpired that the day after this dream, in real-life, there was confusion as to who had taken on a swapped duty shift at work. Our colleague texted BG and I to find out who the work phone was to be passed to and we could not work it out, although eventually I said it was probably me who had agreed to take on the shift verbally, so I should get the phone. 
  • I saw VW post on Facebook the day before this dream. She works for a company called 'Group 4'.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I didn't have any specific thoughts upon waking from this dream. It was quite boring. However, many hours later when BG and I were trying to find out who was on duty and needed to get hold of the work phone from our colleagues, the dream had an added significance.

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