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'Robbery of my Boyfriend's Sidepiece While he Dreams of a Pigeon'
Date: 24 July 2019
Scene 1: A Large Interior - Time Unknown
This dream seemed to take place in the same location, which was a large interior, very reminiscent (looking back with hindsight) to a prison-themed game I started playing on Roblox. It was on one level and very spacious, with grey walls and not much furniture or decor. You could walk around corners, some of which were quite dark and had benches or other very basic items (chairs etc). The location also seemed reminiscent of a high school corridor too. I was with EW (an 18 or 19 year old white male, who was a former friend of my friend AK and therefore someone I was on fairly friendly terms with). There was some kind of party going to be held in this building. EW and I were walking around, not in a particularly happy mood. Something (I cannot recall what) was bothering/troubling us and we were walking in a somewhat confused, directionless way. I recall EW having a red backpack and a white T-shirt.

I walked off by myself and turned a corner, to find AJR lying on a bench/bed built into the wall. Sat astride him - in a sexual way, although both were clothed - was my colleague VV (Italian postgraduate student). They were to my left. This area very much reminded me of my old high school corridor. It was quite dark in this area too. I was horrified that AJR was cheating on me with VV. He had a very stupid, dreamy look on his face. In the dream I realised that this meant that he was wishing to own a pigeon - and this led me to the conclusion that he wasn't really cheating on me with VV, doing sexual things with her symbolised him 'wanting a pigeon'. However, I was still not happy, if a little relieved that he didn't want to have sex with VV for the purpose of sexual fulfilment. I wanted to get revenge on VV. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off AJR, to the ground. I then demanded she give me all of her cannabis and money - I robbed her. I felt extremely powerful and pleased. AJR also seemed pleased with me, and I told him in a forceful way: 'I'm not a mug'. This seemed to be a very positive aspect of the dream. 

I then went to find EW again. We ended up in what was a very yellow room down the hallway, which had a table in it. The yellow might have been lighting and/or the colour of the walls. I saw a fern hanging on the wall for decor and this made me aware that this was a kitchen/dining area. I somehow become aware that HT (AJR's mum) had been in the Magistrates Court for a motoring offence (reckless or dangerous driving - however, HT's mum does not drive). I don't think HT was present, I think I found out some other way. I was able to see the Prosecution (CPS) papers (I may have had the actual papers or I might have seen these on my mobile phone screen - I seem to recall it being the latter). The papers were also yellow and were written out like text messages (although it is often a huge dream sign to try and read text in a dream, I recall the words looking 'normal' in this dream. Here is my article 'Reading in Dreams' and here is another on 'An Introduction to Dream Speech'). The text was very large and in a weird font - like a 'Halloween' or 'creepy/spooky' font, with slightly jagged edges, which could be used to brand a horror-themed product. The text was in the centre of the 'page' and had large gaps between each sentence/paragraph, which meant not much fit on each page. I think I was reading these from my mobile phone, as I think I 'scrolled' to flick through the 'pages'. The text represented the submissions from the Prosecution/CPS lawyer, who I knew was a male (I am not sure how - maybe I recognised his name on the 'papers'). he submissions were just a series of extremely bad language - swearing and threats. The word 'fucking' appeared a lot. I was horrified that the Prosecution/CPS lawyer would be using such extreme and unnecessary language and display such terrible, deeply unprofessional conduct in court and I was very anxious to make a phone call to discuss what had happened, as I felt in shock. I think I might have been calling HT. Whoever I spoke to on the telephone (I cannot recall who it was) told me to look at the last 'paper' - I saw that the text on this page was multicoloured and appeared to be 'digital' as it flickered, like text on a TV screen which had been distorted (look at the thumbnails for the 'Zombieface Horrorshow Series' of videos on my Youtube channel - in particular, the text reading 'Weird Childhood Vol.1' - this is what the text looked like, but the 'horror-style' font, and less stretched/distorted. I realised that due to the Prosecutor's behaviour during the court case (trial), the charges against HT had been dismissed. I was very pleased and relieved about this. 

I then woke up. I was still very sleepy and I wanted to return to this dream, so I continued to visualise the last scene as I fell back asleep. This worked! This is a very basic form of 'dream chaining' although I did not induce a lucid dream this way (the technique for that it known as Dream Exit-Induced Lucid Dreaming of DEILD - I haven't written a dedicated post for DEILD yet, but I did refer to the OBE-Exit Technique in this article and also described a dream chaining experience in Dream 689 - 'My Weirdest Dream Experience' (NIGHTMARE, FALSE AWAKENING, SLEEP PARALYSIS,OBE-EXIT TECHNIQUE, LUCID DREAM, DREAM-CHAINING)').

Scene 1: A Large Interior - Time Unknown
I found myself back in the interior building, in the grey space (corridor-like) which I had been in in Scene 1 of DREAM #1. I 'knew' that I had returned to somewhere I had been before, as if I knew I had intended to come back to this place, but I was not consciously aware that I was dreaming, and therefore this was not a lucid dream, just some successful dream-chaining and a fairly vivid dream experience. 

I was aware that there was a large, dangerous wolf loose in the building and this made me feel panicked. I knew that I had to find EW to warn him to 'hide his chipmunks' (it seemed that he had pet chipmunks with him, which would be at risk of being killed by the wolf). I did not see the wolf, the chipmunks or EW, but I felt a sense of panic. I began walking alone through the grey part of the building. I saw other dream characters (unrecalled). At the end of one of the corridors was a cello player - male, but cannot recall any other details about him. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place during the period in which I am testing the Awoken Lucid Dreaming App - please click HERE to read my introductory post which provides all relevant information about this app which is designed to help you train your mind for lucid dream induction!
  • On the day of this dream I had watched a Youtube video by Laura Lee in which she mentioned adopting her niece, who has the same first name as EW
  • On the day of this dream I wrote a Facebook comment, defining the legal meaning of robbery
  • AJR and I have a joke about birds - he owns 2 budgies and he always says that he wants to cross-breed them with a chicken to make a 'budgen'
  • A few days before this dream I had a discussion with DL about Lil Yachty who had mixed up a cello and clarinet in his lyrics for Peek A Boo (where he says 'she blow that dick like a cello')

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