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'My Weirdest Dream Experience'
Date: 29 August 2016
Time: 02:45 - 06:00 (I woke up from this dream naturally) 
Type of dream: Lucid Dream
Dream recall: Strong recall

Induction technique: None prior. OBE-Exit Technique used during False Awakening/Sleep Paralysis (click for link)

Reality checks: None required
Level of lucidity: Fully-Lucid/Super-Lucid
Approximate time spend lucid: 20 minutes
Clarity: Good
Control: Good
Additional techniques: Dream stabilisation; dream visualisation; dream-chaining/DEILD (Dream-Exit Technique)
Extra information: None of note

Scene 1 (Non-Lucid): An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I was in a room, but I did not see any furniture or decoration. I think there was another dream character present, but I am not sure who, because they were behind me and I did not turn around. I think they were male. In front of me was a large screen, suspended in the air - it may have been a TV. On the screen was a male - a normal looking adult white man with brown hair. The image showed just his face, close-up. It was turned at a three-quarter profile, his eyes looking directly at the 'camera'/viewer. I was aware that this male was part of some 'game' I was involved in - something to do with gambling, I think. I looked away from the screen momentarily, and when I looked back, the male had turned into a leering demon/troll-like monster - maybe an evil goblin would also be an accurate description. His features were more pointed and large, other than his eyes, which were now tiny. His skin was a blue/green colour and looked either scaly or wrinkled, and his tiny, pupil-less eyes were a bright green colour. I was really scared. I tried to look away, hoping that when I looked back, he would be human again, but he remained a demon. Every time I looked away and then back at him, he became more evil looking. I was terrified, and this part of the dream experience was a nightmare. 

False Awakening 1: Lucid

I woke up in bed, on my right side, staring at the wooden ledge. I was aware that this was a false awakening, because I had sleep paralysis and I could hear an electronic buzz in the atmosphere. The light was on in the room - as it was in real life. 

I tried to move, worrying that I might see a hallucination. I remembered the demon face in Scene 1 and was really scared that this dream character might be in my room, as I couldn't stop thinking about it. I eventually managed to look up, and saw that my fan (which should have been on in real life) wasn't straight ahead. I could sense something to my side, but the sleep paralysis was preventing me from fully turning or moving the duvet down, even though I was willing my body to break free. 

I tried to use my voice, screaming: 'Someone come and help me!' but my voice would not come out more than a broken whisper. I willed someone I knew to come and save me, hoping that I could use this experience to have a lucid dream if only I could change my immediate circumstances with dream visualisation and control. I felt so tired, like I was on the brink of falling back asleep, and I tried to fight it. I must have fallen asleep. 

False Awakening 2: Lucid 
I had another false awakening, with sleep paralysis. I was now worried, as this was the second in a row. I still felt terrified that something was in the room with me, just to my left side. I had 'false awoken' on my right side again. I struggled to move and also use my voice, but neither were working. I was able to touch the ledge next to me and I tried to do this, but then realised it was only my 'dream body' doing this. I tried to shout: 'Someone come and help me!' Again, my voice was no more than a whisper, which is the most frustrating feeling. One of the other reasons I was so scared was because I felt like I might be trapped in a cycle of false awakenings, which often prevent me from being able to 'really wake up', even though I am fully lucid. I must have fallen asleep again. 

Scene 2 (Non-Lucid): An Unknown Interior, supposedly to be my Bedroom - Time Unknown 
I was looking at the floor of a room, which I guess was supposed to represent my bedroom. On the floor was a huge pile of clothes - taking up most of the available space, and higher than my waist. My Mum was present. I was aware that I was looking at 'my dirty laundry' and wondered how long it would take to wash all these clothes. The task felt insurmountable. 

False Awakening 3: Lucid 
I had a third false awakening with sleep paralysis. Again, I woke on my right side and this time felt another body in the single bed beside me. I only became aware they were in the bed because I felt them lean in a little closer, which meant the thing touched my back. I was so scared, and kept telling myself 'this is a dream, you can change it' - because I was so lucid, I was certain I could use the power of my mind to transform the experience into a more positive dream experience. I called out: 'Someone come and help me!' my voice still very weak - and sleep paralysis stopping me from turning round. I tried to persuade myself that I could make the rules in my dreams, and the volume of my voice didn't matter as I could use my mind to summons someone friendly to come and help me. I started willing someone to come to my rescue. I then heard a voice, which sounded like RBA (Scottish accent), so I called out his name and he said: 'Yeah'. I then found I was able to speak out loud and move. I turned round and saw the chair with my laptop on it beside my bed, where it would be in real life. Behind that and slightly to the side was another chair (not there in real life), on which RBA was seated. At first, my vision was slightly blurry. He was wearing something red. 

I could not get out of bed, no matter how much I tried. I therefore decided the best thing to do would be the OBE-Exit Technique, so I laid on my back and imagined myself leaving my body. I began to float out of my body. 

I then found myself in a hotel room, lucid. The hotel room had fancy decor, most of which was red. RBA was sitting on the edge of the bed, facing an oval mirror on a stand. I was standing next to him. I decided to stabilise the dream, and began to rub mys hands together. The following conversation took place: 

RBA: 'Why are you rubbing your hands?' 

Me: 'To stabilise the lucid dream'. 

RBA: 'What dream?' 

Me: 'This is my dream' (I wondered if he would disagree with this, as some dream characters react unpredictably when they are told they are part of the dreamer's dream). 

RBA: 'Is it my dream?' 

Me: 'No, you're a character in my dream'. 

RBA: 'Should I rub my hands together too?' 

Me: 'No, this is my dream'. 

The lucid dream then became very stable and clear. 

RBA: 'How do you know this is a dream?' He stood up and came close to me. I decided to try and control the dream in a way to prove to him that this must be a dream. 

I turned to the side, where there was an antique floor lamp in front of a window with red curtains. I raised my hand and like Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat, I made the entire lamp turn to ice. RBA did not look convinced, so I said: 'Look at this' and raised my hand again to make the lamp burst into flames. RBA said: 'You can do that in real life', so I said: 'No, I can't, I don't have super powers' and he seemed to agree with this. I felt the lucid dream then began to fade to black. 

False Awakening 4: Lucid 
I then woke up again in my bed - a lucid false awakening. I decided to use the OBE-Exit Technique again, to return to the same dream scene as before, so I visualised the hotel while I imagined myself leaving my body. 

I found myself in the hotel again, with RBA - but we were in a different part of the hotel. It was a very wide corridor, which had rough black fabric walls, and some partition walls. I could not see much in the corridor - no doors or furniture. It was like being in the inside of a black box. To the right side, there was a partition wall - like the type you get in offices. Mounted on it was a drinking fountain. I then noticed that I was naked, but I did not feel self-conscious about this. I started rubbing my hands again, to stabilise the lucid dream. RBA then tried to push me into a bending over position - so that he could have sex with me from behind, against the drinking fountain. I complied, because I enjoy lucid dream sex. RBA stopped and said: 'Do we need to use contraception?' to which I said: 'Not now'. He started to have sex with me in this position. 

Something from behind us then distracted him, because he stopped. I turned around to see what had made him stop suddenly, and I noticed that behind us was a red leather armchair, on which was a strange double-person (not a conjoined twin) - it looked like 2 naked men who had melted into each other, so there was no distinction between their faces and bodies. I said to RBA: 'That reminds me of a Francis Bacon painting' (although in the lucid dream I could not recall what this painting was called). RBA said: 'I don't know who Francis Bacon is' which did not surprise me. The double melted man was writhing in a scary way - it looked disgusting. RBA said: 'We have to kill it'. I didn't know why we had to kill this thing, so I said I would not do it. RBA was getting annoyed with me, because he knew I had 'super powers' and could do this easily, but I was still refusing. Eventually, I said: 'You have to get the weapon then'. RBA handed me a spade/shovel. I said: 'This is the worst weapon!' I tried to imagine that the spade was a better weapon, but I could not control this aspect of the lucid dream. I then used the spade to beat the thing to death. RBA was laughing and said: 'We could be Ian Brady and Myra Hindley'. This thought disgusted me, but I decided to try and make a joke, rather than argue with him and ruin the lucid dream. I said: 'Because I'm English and you're Scottish?' to which he laughed and said: 'No, because I can make you commit murders'. 

I woke up.

Francis Bacon, Three Studies for a Crucifixion (1962)

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