Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Dream 1042

'Codface Shopping Trip'
Date: 15 December 2019
Sleep times: 01:00 - 09:30 hours
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: Unknown interior
Time: Unknown
I was in an unknown interior which seemed quite dark. I cannot recall any specific details about the location. I was with my Mum and her friend CC - there may have been other dream characters present, but I cannot recall. I saw CC's face up close, looking at me disapprovingly. I felt like I had failed at something, but I cannot recall what this was. 
I had seen a post on Facebook by CC's daughter, and thought that she has aged to look a lot like her mum.

Scene 2
Location: A street in a city/town
Time: Day
I was in a street which was in a city or town, but not one which I recognise from real life. I was standing with my Mum and perhaps some other unrecalled dream characters. I was looking at a shop which appeared to be a clothing boutique, but one which sold very cheap clothing. I was looking at the sign. I then looked at the window displays and saw that the clothing in the shop was mainly very cheap, poor-quality evening wear - sparkly mini-dresses and suchlike. I entered the shop and found that it was an outlet store which sold end-of-line or catalogue returns at a low price. There were a number of dream character customers browsing the shop. I began to wander around and I found that the shop was quite sparsely stocked. I had a memory (within the dream) that this shop used to have eclectic and varied stock and now it had limited items, which were all the same and very low quality. I picked up a yellow, cropped hooded top and without trying it on, knew that it was too small for me. I then realised that all the clothing sold in the shop was too small. I complained about this to either my Mum or an unrecalled member of staff in the shop. I recall looking at the counter and seeing that the cashier was a male dream character, but cannot recall any further details about him. I also recall discovering another section of the shop (which was L-shaped) where a range of cheap, ugly handbags were being sold. I felt disappointed by the shop.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
This shop appears to be based on a similar shop I used to frequent in Sheringham, which was called 'Ivans' and thereafter 'Wardrobe Warehouse'. When I was a child or a young teenager, the shop had a huge range of cheap clothing in a diverse range of style and quality and I was a frequent customer as you could find some real bargains, which were on-trend or at least from the previous season. There were a number of one-off items as well as larger collections. When management of the shop changed (and perhaps buying habits meant less people were buying clothing from catalogues), the shop began selling limited stock (not on-trend, mass-manufactured and poor-quality) and lost all popularity. The day before this dream I had seen a post on a Facebook group which shares design fails - there was a photograph of a clothing boutique with a very poorly designed sign. I remember looking at this photo and noticing the dresses in the window display. The angle I observed the shop from in the dream mirrored the view of the photograph.

Previous dreams:
Dream 254: 'Thuggin', Freddie Gibbs & the Little Shop of Horrible Clothes' (3 June 2014) - This dream featured the Wardrobe Warehouse shop and my disappointment at the clothes sold there.

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