Thursday, 14 May 2015

Dream 437

'Back at Law School'
Dream date: 13 May 2015
I was back at my old Law School in London (BBP, Holborn). I was in my class and knew all the other students, but these were not the real-life people who I had studied with, but rather dream characters. Everyone was receiving a certificate (white and pink, several pages in a booklet form) for completing an exam. I was anxious because I was the only member of my class who had not taken the exam. My reason for not taking the exam was that I had not learned to drive and for some reason, being a driver was a fundamental aspect of taking this exam, although some of my classmates were telling me that I could have taken the exam before learning to drive. I wondered if it was possible to do the exam as a re-sit after doing a crash course at learning to drive.

I was then told that the rules for getting a pupillage had changed - you could now apply up to 15 years after passing the Bar, rather than 5 years. This made me consider whether I wanted to apply for a pupillage (even though in the dream I had not yet qualified, so time limits were irrelevant to my 'dream ego').

I was wearing fake nails. The fake nail on my right little finger (pinkie) came loose and fell off. I decided to just leave it rather than glueing it back on. I was still worried that I had not sat the exam with the rest of my classmates. 

I was then in a room within the Law School. However, this room was not a room at BPP, but rather one in my current university Law School which leads to the old library in Earlham Hall. In my dream I had assimilated my university and BBP Law into one institution. I walked through a doorway which in Earlham Hall would take me to the old library, which is used as a small lecture theatre. However, in the dream, it took me into a vast corridor which was filled with dream characters - either in the corridor itself or in the room which led off from this. Outside each door was a grey plaque with the room name/number on it. The plaques looked modern, but the corridor looked old-fashioned and quite ornate, with carved walls. It was so busy and there was a very vibrant, buzzing vibe as I walked along. I felt very happy to be there and kept looking into random rooms to see what was happening inside. Many of the dream characters were studying, but others were socialising or enjoying themselves. This corridor and the rooms were not similar to anything which exists in either my current or former Law School. 

I walked up some stairs and found myself in a restaurant serving South American cuisine. I was very impressed with the level of catering (fine dining) which existed at the Law School and it seemed like a lot of the diners were not students, but came to dine here because of the good reputation. I then went some more stairs to the very top of the building, where there was an open air restaurant. This was a Japanese roof-top restaurant, and similarly posh. Because it was open air, there was an amazing view of London. Dusk was falling. The Japanese restaurant was completely crowded with customers and the atmosphere was happy and electric. I felt completely at peace and joyous at discovering the restaurant. I went back down to a lower floor and entered a room where some dream characters were studying. I cannot recall exactly what happened. I know I had a conversation in the 'Earlham Hall' room with someone who was a tutor at the Law School. I cannot recall what was said, but it was of some significance within the dream.

I then went to meet my mum and my nan who were dressed up, celebrating the fact they were visiting the Law School. I sat down with them. My mum was wearing a royal blue outfit with a hat. She was telling me how much she enjoyed being at the Law School on this visit. I started to tell her about the Japanese restaurant and how amazing it was. I then realised we had been joined by a girl who I had attended York University with - she was on my English & History of Art degree course. I cannot remember her name, so I will call her AA. AA had been very wealthy and posh. While I was raving about the Japanese restaurant, AA was derisive, saying that she had been to far better restaurants and that the one upstairs was 'common'. I told her that my family and I were working-class, not upper-class like her and therefore we weren't as judgemental as she was.

TIME: 02:00 - 12:00 hours (I am not sure when this dream took place)
SPECIAL NOTES: None of note

  • Being a qualified driver was part of the law exam (C - Context)
  • You can apply for pupillage up to 5 years after qualifying. It is currently the open season for pupillage applications (IA - Inner Awareness)
  • Part of the Law School in Earlham Hall, UEA was situated in BBP, Holborn London (IA - Inner Awareness/F - Form/C - Context)
  • There were restaurants in the Law School (IA - Inner Awareness/F - Form/C - Context)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • Being enrolled in a class or programme of learning

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • A few days before this dream I had been discussing the fact that I have no intention to learn how to drive with my housemate. When at Law School I used to find the cases involving driving offences difficult because I am not a driver and do not know the Highway Code in the same depth that an actual driver would.
  • The day of this dream I made and ate Mexican food.
  • A few days before this dream I had discussed Japanese food with DL.
  • The day of this dream I had watched an episode of Gavin & Stacey (series 1, episode 6 - the wedding episode) in which 'Pam Shipman' (Alison Steadman) is dressed up for her son's wedding and refers to her hat costing more than her suit. At my nan's house there is a photograph from circa 1986 in which my mum and I are pictured at my aunt CJ's wedding. I am dressed as a bridesmaid and my mum is wearing a royal blue outfit and hat. I haven't seen this photograph in quite some time, but I recalled it when recording this dream.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This dream was so enjoyable, I felt really happy when I woke up and remembered it. I wish I could revisit my 'dream Law School' as it was so much better than the actual one I attended. If I could re-visit this location in another dream I would hope to be able to explore some more. This was one of my favourite recent dreams even though nothing very exciting happened!

* I know I have forgotten some aspects of this dream. If I recall them, I will record them below.

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