Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dream 34

Dream date: 4th April 2012

I was flying over a landscape (about 5 - 6 feet from the ground) which appeared to be made up of blue cubes, placed in a grid format. These cubes, which were mid-blue in tone, covered the entire ground and stretched up, like walls enclosing me. I could not see what was at the top. I was gliding, not travelling at any great speed. I had a feeling that I was in a hospital, although I could see no signs of other people (such as medics or patients) nor any medical equipment to validate this notion. I then saw an image of some glossy red lips - obviously belonging to a female. However they were dislocated from any other facial features and just popped up in my field of vision before vanishing once again. I wanted to stop flying through the 'hospital' and suddenly heard a voice on a tannoy system say: "If you realise you are in a dream you will be able to control it". I thought to myself: 'if only I could make myself realise I'm in a dream...' but I was unable to become lucid. 

I then saw that I was at home in London, although it did look quite different from real-life. There was more open space and the layout of the furniture appeared to be altered. I knew that I was no longer welcome there. I saw PS - there was a close-up of the side of his face, as if I were standing very close to him and only focusing on his profile. I begged him to allow me to stay in London. He refused, but would not turn to look at me. At this point, I got a sense that the room was opening up, creating more space around us. I turned to look at what was behind me. There were formica banqueting tables stretching out either side of PS and I, with further, identical rows arranged in front and behind, much like a cafeteria. Various persons were sitting at the tables, with plates of food before them. I saw my friend SD and a female companion, to my right (this female appeared to be a girl he had told me he liked in real-life, although he does not actually know her well - she works in a bar we visit and during a short conversation with her, we had discovered that she is French-Italian and a Nabovov fan, like myself). I felt happy that they were together. There were empty plates in front of them at the table. As I approached the female stood up, as if leaving. She said to me: "the way to get me is to buy me a salad" then walked away. I spoke to SD, but I cannot recall the content of our exchange. Soon, SD left. 

I worried about collecting my belongings from my home in London - indicating that a change of scene had taken place and the room we were in was no longer my home, but an unfamiliar location. I thought that by the time I got home, my belongings would be destroyed by PS. I was then at home, with many laundry bags full of my clothing (this is how a lot of my clothing is stored in real-life due to space limitations) - far too many for me to be able to physically carry, although in the dream I could hold them all at once. I began walking and the scene transitioned to my grandmother PC's house. She was not there, but there was an (unidentified) person working in her kitchen (which is set off the lounge area). Instead of a sofa in the middle of the lounge, there was a long counter (which would never fit in real-life). I emptied my laundry bags onto the counter and realised that many of my clothes were missing, despite there being several hundreds of garments. I was annoyed at the fact that all of my fancy party clothes and sexy dresses were absent, leaving me with the more practical or sporty items from my wardrobe, such as vest tops and tracksuit bottoms. I was agitated and wondered if I would be able to dress nicely again, given the lost items of clothing. 

I was then leaning on the counter. I noticed that it was white marble. I wondered if I had missed PC's birthday (this was a concern in real-life - the day of this dream I had suddenly realised that I may have missed her 71st birthday and was anxious about this when falling asleep). I used my mobile phone to call my mum, SM. I couldn't get through to her at first as the line was busy. I felt panicked. I remembered (rightly) that PC's  (monthly) birthstone was a diamond. I then thought: 'if I google 'diamond' maybe the internet will tell me what date PC's birthday is...' but soon realised that this was impossible and implausible. I wondered if her birthday was 8th April, but decided it couldn't be, as my cousin's birthday falls on 8th March, and PC's birthday is  a little less than an exact month apart. I was pondering what I should do to find out the correct date for PC's birthday (whilst experiencing strong feelings of guilt, as in real-life, when I had first realised my error) when my phone rang. The phone had been laying on the counter. The screen flashed blue, although it does not do this in real-life - it is a normal backlie Nokia, a very cheap model. It was my mum calling. She told me in no uncertain terms that PC's birthday was 17th March. I told her I thought she was mistaken, but she insisted and told me she should know as it was her mother. After I ended the phone call, I questioned this again, in my own mind. I was still standing, leaning on the counter, and was deep in thought. I knew in the dream that the date given by my mum was incorrect as 17th March falls within the zodiac sign of Pisces (I knew PC is an Aries) and the birthstone for March is bloodstone/aquamarine, and not diamond (I was adamant I was right about her birthday being in April and the correct birthstone being diamond and indeed, when I actually texted my mum the next day (in real-life), she informed me that PC's birthday had indeed been 3rd April 2012 - the day before the dream took place! She also told me to stop worrying as PC would not be upset at me for forgetting, as she knew I had a new job on top of my studies. I have since apologised to PC and sent her some cash as a gift to make up for my poor organisation. However, the knowledge I possessed in the dream and the wrong birthdate given by my (dream) mum would have provided excellent lucid dream triggers!)

I was then sat at the dining table in PC's house (which always makes me think of the colour orange and baked beans, due to my synesthesia). The white marble counter was no longer present in the room. I felt annoyed at myself that I had missed my grandmother's birthday as I am very close to her, having been brought up in the same house and being her eldest grandchild. I also felt angered that I had been forced to leave my home in London and lost my favourite clothes. I went upstairs (where in real-life many more of my clothes - I have thousands of items - are stored in my aunt VF's former bedroom and my own bedroom in that property, which my mum and I shared during my childhood). I put the clothes retrieved from London with the rest of my stored clothes and felt happy that the majority of what I owned was in one place, together. I woke up.

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