Sunday, 15 April 2012

Dream 38

Dream date: 14th April 2012

There was a start to this dream which I do not recall, as I woke up temporarily and then fell back asleep after a couple of minutes. When I 'dreamed' again, I thought I had gone back into my original dream, but I cannot say this is actually true as I remember nothing from before I awoke. The first part of the dream I actually recall took place on a beach. It wasn't the beach at Sheringham, as there were grassy hills leading down to the shore, and soft sand dunes (not flat, wet sand). There were many of my friends present - all male. I cannot say who was there for sure, but I know the group I was with represented male friends known to me in real-life. It may be that I never specifically saw who was present. EC was also with me. I remember thinking that if any photographs were taken, they would be of EC rather than myself as she has much larger breasts than me. I then realised that EC and I were going to be doing some modelling, which made the thoughts of photographs make sense. Some of the males had lit a bonfire/campfire on the sand. It was dusk - or at least the sun appeared to be either rising or setting and the light was dim, but pleasant. I then saw myself and EC from a third person perspective. EC was wearing a bright orange and red coloured sarong draped over her. I was wearing a black vest and leggings with a loose swathe of fabric draped over the front of my body. EC and I were running down the sand dunes. I tried to get a good look at myself - in particular, my boobs - which were partially hidden by the fabric. As I turned to the side, I managed to see my boobs and felt satisfied that they looked big enough from side view at a distance. I was, however, shocked at how large my hips, thigh and butt looked from the back and wondered why I appeared to be fatter than normal. Looking at EC from behind, I noticed that she looked larger than normal also. At this point in the dream, it was if I existed simultaneously as a first person (thinker) and as a third person who I could view from afar. The night before this dream, in real-life, PS and I had watched an online documentary about parallel universes and multiverse theory - i.e. that different versions of you can exist simultaneously. 

I cannot recall what happened next, but I eventually found myself on a lawn or field, which I perceived to be part of my high school, although there was now an L-shaped wall (a recurrent theme recently - but also the wall creating a 'square' of garden in a high school field setting was reminscent of a description of the 'Headmaster's garden' I had just re-read in Zoe Heller's Notes on a Scandal (2003) - although I was pretty sure the rest of the location appeared as my real-life high school had at the time of my attendance, which I had recently been reminded of in old photographs posted by a former teacher on Facebook). I was laying on my front on the grass. A few feet ahead of me, seated on the grass, was PS and two other persons, in conversation. I felt someone massaging my lower back, directly on my skin as if they had lifted my top. It felt so nice and relaxing. I looked up and saw PS and the other two persons (both male, I now saw) watching me. I rolled over and sat up to see who was touching my back. I saw it was the character (or the actor, I'm not sure if I perceived the person to be themselves or their soap character) of 'Ben Mitchell' from Eastenders. He was wearing the blue hoody which was featured in a recent murder storyline, pulled up over his head. I saw his face close up, as if I were only inches from him. I woke up.
Fire on beach at dusk/dawn
Matthew Silver aka 'Ben Mitchell' in Eastenders

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