Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dream 40

I was in my 'dream town' location. I thought I had gone for some form of 'consultation' as I was in a waiting-room area. This was known to me somehow, as the room did not look like a traditional waiting-room. It was in a wooden shack with very bright lights - sort of like a log cabin. Outside the window was a mix of city and alpine forest. I could see the stars very clearly through the window. Soon, I found myself in another room, again brightly lit, with wooden walls. The room was very small and taken up by a table. I was sitting on one side and on the other was a male (unknown to me in real-life). He was white with curly black hair. He was wearing a business suit. He said: "I know what you're thinking" and gestured towards his face, smiling at me. I didn't know what he was talking about. He said: "Bugs Bunny, right?!" and I just agreed with him as that's what I thought he wanted me to do. He did not look like Bugs Bunny. I wondered if he was poking fun at me because my two front teeth are noticeably larger than the rest of my top row. 
Bugs Bunny
The dream transitioned and I was in halls of residence of the university in this town, which are nothing like those of the various learning institutions I have attended in real-life. It was still night. I was in a dining room which seemed to be on a first or second floor with wall-to-ceiling windows, with no curtains. The city/alpine scenery was still the main view from the window. I was sitting next to the curly haired male and was surprised to find that he was now more attractive. He appeared to be somewhat younger than before (where he appeared to be late 20s or early 30s, now he looked early 20s) and was dressed casually, although I cannot remember specifically what he was wearing. I felt very close to him. I got the impression, without him saying so aloud, that he was leaving and I desperately wanted him to stay. He had a pile of books which I only noticed at this point. 
Alpine city landscapes
I was then in a university hallway which has an outside connecting walkway to the next part of the corridor. I think this image was based on a memory of  an area of York University (Langwith College? I think that where most of the English/Arts based lectures/seminars took place and I think this was my college), but I knew I wasn't actually at York and the exterior of the campus was very different, although nothing appeared 'odd' or out of place in the dream. Whilst I was standing at the doorway, by some stairs - facing  towards the covered outside walkway, there was a rush of students around me. I had thoughts at this point of talk show hosts Michael Parkinson and then Jonathan Ross (it sounds random, but it was as if I were 'remembering' something in the dream - or that I was having a synethesia-response to the location which I had 'forgotten' until seeing that place again, even if in a dream - I haven't been to York University for 8 years now). I walked outside, along the walkway and back into the building through the next set of doors. It was daylight now. There were posters of Pre Raphaelite artworks (in real-life I had recently been excited to see an exhibition of the PRB artists would be shown at the National Gallery in September of this year. I think I associate the area I entered in my dream with history of art lectures at York). There were more students crowding around in the corridor. I tried to speak to some of them as I walked through. Everyone seemed to be getting ready for something and too busy to stop and speak to me. I went off in search of the curly haired male. When I got back to the dining-room I was told by some seated male students, there was a festival being held on the university campus field and that was where everyone would be. They seemed to know I was looking for someone even though I do not remember specifically mentioning this. I felt happy and excited about the prospect of a festival. I received a text. My mobile phone was a smart-phone type and much better than the cheap Nokia I use in real-life. The curly haired male had text me. Annoyingly, in the dream I did not check what name appeared on the phone - I wasn't trying to find out what he was called as it seemed like I already knew his name - it is my waking mind which wishes I had checked in the dream. The text said: 'Come now'. I felt overjoyed.

Since writing up this dream, I investigated the buildings referred to above - searching for the University of York, and in particular, Langwith College. I found that my dream did show me these places, which would have been stored in my visual memory, dating back to the period 2000 - 2003. Below are some of the images which best show the specific areas referred to in my dream - namely Langwith and Derwent Colleges which are linked by outside walkways. I am convinced, however, that my dream did not depict either Langwith or Derwent College 100% accurately, but rather combined aspects of both as composite images.
The entrance to Derwent College, University of York
Passageway in Langwith College, University of York
Langwith College, University of York
The distance between Langwith and Derwent Colleges (facing Derwent), University of York

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