Monday, 16 April 2012

Dream 39

I do not recall the start of my dream, but I had a false awakening. I found myself lying in bed and could hear Irish women outside the door of the bedroom, saying: "They have all the pots and pans in this room..." They sounded angry. I asked myself if I was still asleep and dreaming, and decided it was likely, but then'saw' the plates from last night's snacks on the desk (which were there in real-life) and thought perhaps I was really awake after all. I did not become fully lucid - or I would have had to have concluded I was still asleep. Shortly after my false awakening of sorts, PS's phone rang. He answered and it was CJS. She said that she was at the shops and asked if there was anything we wanted her to collect for us. At this time, the light was on in the bedroom and I was sitting at my desk and PS was seated at his. I said I wanted orange juice and PS said he wanted chocolate (this is typically what we would ask for in real-life). It seemed as if CJS instantly appeared with the items and then left again. I looked to the side of my desk and saw a large box of Terry's Chocolate Orange segments. I said: "I wanted orange juice, not chocolate orange". PS had a large box of chocolates, but the box was empty. I passed him the Terry's Chocolate Orange box, but when we looked inside there were only two sweets left.

The dream transitioned and PS and I were in a well-lit lounge in the evening. The night before this dream (real-life) we had visited our friend DJA at his mum's house in Northampton. The lounge in the dream was similar to that at DJA's, as the door; television (similarly used for playing console games in the dream); windows; and some of the chairs were positioned in the same locations. However the room appeared to be more square and there was a beanbag in front of the television. The room was occupied by a group of males - I am not sure of their actual identities, but they appeared to be our friends. PS and I were standing, watching them play computer games. Then, into the room walked another male. He was tall, with messy blonde hair and appeared to be a cross between Kurt Cobain and Owen Wilson (a day or so before this dream, PS and I had discussed these two celebrities, also referencing Courtney Love, late wife of Cobain who had randomly accused UK comedian Steve Coogan of causing the suicide attempt of Own Wilson - a person PS and I both dislike. We had also been listening to Nirvana songs the day before this dream). The male, whom I will refer to as KO, was wearing a navy blue T-shirt and baggy beige shorts with a metal studded belt. His shorts were low and his white boxer shorts were fully visible. He had a backpack with him as well, on one shoulder. He sat down (with his back to us) on the beanbag and proceeded to play the computer game with the others. He turned round and smiled at us. I got the impression he was a joker and supposedly the life and soul of the party. I said to PS: "Should we make him be our slave?" PS agreed that we should.

KO was then stood in front of us. He was wearing a beige suit. PS and I had renamed him 'Donald McRonald' (in real-life we jokingly refer to our friend DJA as 'Steve McDonald' from Coronation Street as he bears a slight resemblance). He was tasked with doing whatever pranks we felt like making him do. We were suddenly at a party. There was a young female with short brown hair, wearing a purple velvet dress (it looked very 1990s style). She had small silver dangly earrings - like miniature baubles. PS and I told Donald McRonald that he should pretend he thought her earrings were her breasts and to touch them and tell her he thought she had "nice tits". PS and I thought this was so funny, we were crying tears of laughter. When he actually did what we told him, and approached the woman telling her that her earrings were "nice tits", we fell on the floor, laughing even harder. We were so shocked at the level of power we now had over him. It felt like the funniest thing that had ever happened. We then told Ronald McDonald to block the toilets of the party, this again making us laugh. We told him to go onto the roof and jump off. I am not sure what happened next, as I was walking down a staircase in an old mansion - I thought I was heading for the 'scullery'. Instead I came out in the Two Lifeboats Hotel - the seafront pub/hotel managed by my mum, where I also used to work around college and university. I used to love those days. I was walking through the restaurant, into the sea-facing bar. My mum's friend, and owner of the business, DW was there, folding sheets. I told her I was there to help. It seemed there was to be a big celebration - some form of party or perhaps the town carnival events. The bar was filling up with people as the sun was setting outside. I was surrounded by my friends and family. I felt very happy. 
Terry's Chocolate Orange - individual segments in box
Kurt Cobain/Owen Wilson hybrid - Donald McRonald
The Two Lifeboats Hotel, Sheringham, North Norfolk

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