Sunday, 15 April 2012

Dream 37

Dream date: 13th April 2012 

I was in a very old fashioned, dark room with various members of my family. We were seated on sofas of some sort, positioned to face one another and separated by a low table. I am unable to recall exactly who was there, but my mum, SM; my nan, PC and one of my aunts, CEJ were present, as was one of my mum's former colleagues and friend, an older woman, CC. The lights in the room were very dim. I wasn't sure where we were actually sitting, but I stood up and addressed the group. I said something (which I cannot recall) and I was told by one of my relatives that I shouldn't speak so crudely or use such vulgar words. I then went to leave the room, telling my family that I would return to them (it seemed as if we were gathered for a purpose, I'm not sure what) as soon as I had cleaned myself by way of a "French Shower" (where you only clean the areas of the body where likely to sweat, or mask body odour with perfume instead of bathing properly - in my house the phrase was used as a joke, meaning to wash quickly using a basin of water, when in a rush). My mum told me that I shouldn't use such a phrase as it was too rude to say in public. I contested this, stating that it was a phrase she had taught me in the first place. I left.

I was then in a takeaway food shop. There was an 'L' shaped counter, but very limited space between the counter and the door. Behind the counter was a very short, young Oriental woman. I would guess she was Chinese/Vietnamese when I first saw her, but later she looked more Thai. To my left, I noticed my ex-boyfriend, MT - who is Chinese/Burmese. In real-life, the day before this dream took place, PS and I had wondered where MT had disappeared to, as he was not on social networking sites and his phone numbers were no longer in use. When I saw MT in the dream I recalled the real-life conversation PS and I had. I said words to the effect of: "I've found you!" The atmosphere between us was pleasant, as in real-life and he appeared pleased to see me also, although I cannot recall a conversation. I was looking at the girl behind the counter (unknown to me in real-life). Her hair was messy and tied back in a low ponytail. She was wearing a white T-shirt and an apron, but I could only really see her head and shoulders over the counter. She was shouting something and throwing polystyrene containers of takeaway food out to the many other customers (who could never have possibly fit in the space available between the door and the counter). The takeaway was really busy. I shouted something at the girl, but I do not recall what I said. She seemed angry.

I went outside and stood by the door of the takeaway. MT was beside me. I was now eating something (it was meat in bread, but not kebab) from a white takeaway tray. I saw the girl nearby. I pointed at her and saw a cartoon bomb explosion. As the stylised red, orange and yellow sparks of cartoon fire subsided, I saw her lying on the pavement. My attention was distracted and when I looked back at the girl again, she was on her feet once more. I heard someone say: " You need to use a bigger fireball". I pointed at her a second time and now saw two cartoon bomb explosions go off on her body. Again she was on the floor, but the cartoon fire lasted longer, and appeared to be in two separate 'bonfires' - one burning on her chest, the other on the tops of her thighs. Something happened - I cannot recall what this was, but I suddenly noticed that the girl had got up again and was running towards me, holding a long fork in each hand. I feared my safety and was aware that she was going to stab me in the temples with the forks. As she approached, I grabbed the forks from her and turned them onto her, stabbing her in the face. She fell to the floor and I was satisfied that she would not get up again. During this section of the dream, there were definitely bystanders- members of the public - standing around watching the action, but I lost track of where MT was.

I was then in the living room at PC's home in Sheringham. It appeared largely as it does in real-life, except instead of an armchair pushed back against a cupboard door, next to the doorway from the wall, there was a larger sofa and the room appeared larger to accommodate this. My family members were present in the room. On the mantelpiece were some photographs of me as a baby (there are some in real-life). There were two which caught my attention in particular. They depicted me as a baby laying on a rug, with my mum and dad behind me smiling (there are no pictures like this in existence - my mum left my dad before I was born and following the divorce he wasn't present in my life, except one or two occasions when we spent a few hours together. He died a few years ago and I saw him on his 'deathbed', so to speak - an incident which I had referred to in a real-life conversation a couple of days before this dream). I noticed that in my baby photographs, my lips appeared to be unnaturally swollen and a bright pink colour. I took a closer look. I wanted to pick up the photos, but I saw that they were perched precariously on the mantelpiece, one above the other, by way of a delicate hook system (i.e. not in normal sturdy photo frames). It looked (on very close inspection - I was leaning close to see how the photos were being displayed and if I could take them down) as if there was string attached to the back of the photos, and a white-painted metal hook attacked to a thin 'stand' held them in place. I didn't want to drop the photos or break the hook which were keeping them upright on the mantelpiece shelf. I asked PC to get them down for me, which she did. Once the photos were in my hands, I looked closer and was amazed at how fat and pink my lips were. I woke up.

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