Monday, 23 April 2012

Dream 42

The dream started with my mum showing me how she could embroider squares of the night sky. She was able to pull down a section of the night sky (a deep navy blue, about 1 foot square in size) and embellish it with real stars, using a needle and thread. When the stars were finished, she reached up and placed the starry 'cloth' back into the actual sky. I was amazed. 
Starry night skies (above) and sewing stars onto fabric (below)
I then found myself making a journey. I wasn't sure where I was or where I was heading, but I knew it I was returning to a place where I had left some belongings. The next thing I recall, I was walking down a pavement, carrying huge laundry bags full of shoes. I reached my old home in Pine Grove in Sheringham, Norfolk. I opened the bags to look at my shoes. Some of them were exactly as they appear in real-life. Others were altered slightly - i.e. the heels were higher or the colours different. In particular I noticed the blue and white leather heeled ankle boots, which are currently stored at my grandmother's house (Sheringham) in real-life. However, the usually square front of the shoe was pointy and the block heel was now a stiletto. I also noticed, with dismay, that I only had one of each pair of shoes. I went to complain to my mum and stepdad. 
Bag of odd shoes
I was then getting in the back seat of my stepdad's car. My mum was sitting in the passenger seat and I was seated behind the driver's seat. Instead of being parked outside our old house, we were on the other side of the road. A younger girl got in the seat behind my mum. I knew she was a younger sister, even though I am an only child (with a stepbrother the same age as me, in real-life). I did not look closely at her and do not recall her appearance. I did not question how I had a sister, it seemed normal. My stepdad was not happy at taking me to get my lost shoes. He was moaning and telling me to be quick as I was wasting time. It was a beautiful hot summer day and the birds were singing. 
Hot summer day
I was then walking into the Augusta Bar (sea-facing) at our old workplace, The Two Lifeboats Hotel, which also featured in earlier dreams this week. 'Peggy Mitchell' (Barbara Windsor) the former landlady of the 'Queen Victoria' pub in Eastenders was working behind the bar, which was very busy. There were tables laid out everywhere, although this is not how the bar looks in real-life. I told her I had come for my shoes. She said that she was very busy and didn't have time to look. I recall saying: "Come on, please! I have a new job..." I said it in a whining tone. Peggy motioned to a waiter who came to the customer-side of the bar. I did not see his face, as I was standing behind him, at the side of the bar now. He had chestnut brown wavy hair, cut short, which curled around the base of his neck. He was wearing a white shirt and appeared to be my height or slightly taller and slim. He was carrying an order pad, which had something written in biro on the first page. He seemed to refuse to help me, but Peggy told him I had a new job and that he should do me a favour. I followed him.
Barbara Windsor aka 'Peggy Mitchell' in Eastenders
I was then walking through the corridor which leads from the kitchen to the Duncan bar. On the left are the stairs leading to the guest rooms and then the ladies toilets, before two steps down into the bar. I had just come from the upstairs guest rooms, it seemed. I now had the bags with the missing shoes in them. I was also holding a dog on a lead. It was a chestnut colour, very similar to N, our dog in real-life, but this one was taller and slimmer build than N, who has bull terrier blood. The dog was walking on the beams of the ceiling, with the long lead stretching down.
Chestnut coloured dog, seen walking upside down on beams of ceiling

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