Sunday, 15 April 2012

Dream 36

Dream date: 12th April 2012

In previous dreams, I have referred to a 'dream town' which appears recurrently in my dreams - a familiar place which evokes sensations of having enjoyed visits there before, but which I cannot recall as an actual real-life place that I have visited in my waking-life. In this particular dream, which was extremely vivid, I had the sensation that I was in this place and questioned why there were places in the dream which appeared to belong to other real-life locations, such as my former home in York (where I lived as an undergraduate student during 2001 - 2003) and the centre of Sheringham High Street (outside the old post office which is now a sorting office and collection point only). I was able to recognise that real-life places had been transposed onto my 'dream town' but even in my dream I found this odd. 

I was standing in the middle of the lounge/kitchen area in my former student house at 44 Hull Road, York. The decor was exactly as I remember it, with the dining table pushed against the left-hand wall adjacent to the door and parallel to the kitchen area, with the burnt orange/reddish coloured three-seater sofa along the wall where the door is positioned. On the dining table were stacks of paperwork and stationary. I'm not sure who was in the room with me specifically, but I was aware there were some members of my family present, standing in the space in the middle of the room. I felt relieved as if I had completed a work assignment or met a deadline - certainly linked to the piles of paper on the table. I was in the mood to celebrate and the atmosphere in the room was anticipatory - as if we were preparing for a party of some sort. 

I am not sure what happened next, but I was soon in a town centre - it did not appear to be Sheringham, as everything appeared to be bigger and less rural - although I was indeed standing outside the former post office/current sorting office. The light was strange - it was sunny but also reminiscent of dusk and there was a sense that a large party or carnival was to take place shortly. There werecrowds people in the streets drinking and having fun. I saw myself in the third person. I looked pretty much the same as I do in real-life, but my hair was slightly lighter in colour (dark brown instead of jet black) and my skin looked very white. I was wearing a black vest top and short black mini skirt. I had glittery black eye make-up which was smudged under my eyes and was holding a  clear plastic cup of fizzy red liquid with straws and cocktail umbrellas in it. There were two other females (both holding the same drinks) standing next to me, but I do not recognise them from real-life. in the dream I knew we were close friends. We were acting rowdy - shouting, possibly because we were drunk. The perspective then switched to first person again, although I was still at the same location, holding my drink and accompanied by the two unknown female friends. Now, instead of being a flat-exterior with a doorway on the front, the sorting office had a new wall coming out in an L-shape. The door to the building was 'behind' this new wall and my friends and I were crowded round the door. I then saw the character of Masood Ahmed (from Eastenders, played by Nitin Ganatra), dressed in his Royal Mail uniform. He was moving towards the sorting office door. I started shouting his name, as did the two female friends. We were desperate to get him to join us, but he seemed unwilling. I was shouting "Masood!" excitedly and trying to grab his arm. Our drinks were spilling everywhere. The door of the sorting office opened by a second male (unknown in real-life, not an Eastenders character) as soon as Masood knocked on it. As he tried to enter the building, I grabbed his arm, but he shook me off and went inside.

I was then in a dark (dimly lit) room which was filled with a double bed (with cream coloured duvet/pillows) and a small wooden bedside cabinet which was next the the bed on the right-hand side (as I looked on) and against the wall on the other side. There was a small lamp on the table, with a cream lampshade. I then saw myself in the third person again. I was wearing the same black vest and make-up as before (I noticed at this point, that my hair was tied back in a messy ponytail with frizzy strands falling around my face - same as it would look in real-life, except the lighter brown colour). Now the skirt was gone and I was wearing black knickers. Behind me was random bedroom furniture, nothing really recalled in much detail - the room was unfamiliar to me and I wasn't sure I ended up there as I did not 'travel'. I had the impression that it was the same day as the 'Masood' incident, just later in the evening.  The dream then switched back to first person perspective and sitting on the edge of right side of the bed - next to the bedside cabinet - was my close friend DJG. He was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts - I think they were cream in colour. His legs were open, with one on the bed and the left one wedged between the side of the bed and the cabinet next to it (although it seemed impossible that his leg should be able to fit in such a narrow gap). I got onto the bed and tried to straddle DJG. He was trying to push me off him and I was acting forcefully, attempting to sit on his lap. I was looking directly at his crotch area and knew that he was trying to reject me and did not find me attractive. I do not remember any words that were said between us. This was a highly sexualised situation and one which has never happened in real-life. I felt confused at the time of the dream as if I was aware my actions were out of line. I woke up. 
Sheringham in North Norfolk - the twon centre (above) & the former Royal Mail post office, now a sorting office (below). In my dream, the benches, planters and  payphones were not present and there appeared to be more pavement space
Nitin Ganatra aka Masood Ahmed in Eastenders

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