Friday, 20 April 2012

Dream 41

I was in my childhood home town of Sheringham in North Norfolk. I was at the Two Lifeboats Hotel, the pub my mum used to manage and where I used to work. I was in the 'front' or 'Augusta' bar, which has a sea view. I was standing behind the bar, which faces the sea, serving. It was daytime. In the far left bay window table were a man and woman (unknown to me in real-life). They were middle-aged and fairly non-descript and I knew they were tourists (the town is a tourist area in the summer when it is crowded with holiday-makers, whereas it is very quiet in the winter months). I went to the table and asked them what I could get them for drinks. I noticed they were eating a meal. The man ordered a coke and an orange juice. I prepared the drinks and took them to the table. I noticed I had only filled the glasses (half-pint) halfway to the top. My friend HW, whose parents co-owned the pub and employed my mum, came into the bar. She reminded me that we had plans later that evening. I looked over at the middle-aged couple again, and now they were accompanied by a crowd of young men, aged from teenage years to around my own age. I noticed one male in particular. He was in his early twenties and had thick, dark brown hair, aged approximately 18 - 24 (it was difficult to tell, he is not known to me in real-life). He was dressed in urban clothing and had a necklace, which my eyes were drawn to. It looked as if it was made out of round gold beads, but it looked suitable for a male to wear and not overtly feminine as it might sound in the description. I approached the table and was informed by the party (I cannot remember who actually spoke) that the boys were all related to the middle-aged couple and they were all on holiday for the purposes of attending a stag party that evening. The males told me I could join them. I instantly wished I didn't have plans. I had another conversation with HW in the bar. I asked if we could forget our arrangements and go to the stag party instead, but HW refused, telling me we must stick to our original plans. 
Gold beaded necklace, like that worn by the male in my dream
I was then serving behind the bar of the 'Duncan Bar', which was crowded with people drinking. It was quite dark, as it usually would be in real-life. There were many people standing at the bar, talking to me as I served drinks. One of the male drinkers told me the stag party was being held in Upper Sheringham, a couple of miles away, and I was pleased to know it was close, but I was frustrated at not being able to convince HW to go there with me. It seemed that all the customers in the pub knew of the party. I was then standing in a lift with the male I had noticed earlier. He was now wearing fashionable glasses and a sky blue T-shirt, but I saw his necklace again. He was standing very close and I could see he was only a couple of inches taller than I was. I told him I wanted to attend the party with him so that I could get to know him better. He leaned in and kissed me full on the lips. I woke up.
The Two Lifeboats Hotel - with the Augusta and Duncan Bars
The Two Lifeboats Hotel as viewed from the promenade - the red 'X' marks the bay window where the couple were seated and were later joined by the group of male family members

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