Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dream 35

Dream date: 6th April 2012

I was sitting in bed in my home in London. Everything appeared as it normally would in real-life. Beside me was a white female with brown hair and heavy make-up - in particular bright blue eyeshadow. I instantly recognised her as the human embodiment of the strip club dancer 'Tanqueray' from the episode of American Dad named 'G-String Circus' (2009) which I had watched the night of this dream. In my dream, the Tanqueray character began removing her eyeshadow with a facial cleansing wipe. I asked her why she was doing so. She told me that PS was coming and he wanted to lick her face, especially her eyelids, but he didn't like the taste of make-up. I was panicked. I went to the wardrobe in the bedroom and opened the doors - a huge stack of pornographic magazines fell out on top of me. I looked at the dates on the covers of the magazines and they were all 11th March 2012 - i.e. from the same day and very recent. I was angry at PS for having an affair with Tanqueray and for the porn collection I had discovered. I woke up.
 'Tanqueray' from American Dad - with the blue eyeshadow seen in the dream

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