Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dream 43

I was in a lounge which was a composite of the lounge in my real-life home in London and that of my former student home in York, where the kitchen was open-plan. On the arm of the sofa (which was brown) was a small silver saucepan filled to the brim with minced beef. The food appeared to be cooking on the arm of the sofa, even though there was no apparent source of heat. I was panicked and shouted out that the food was burning and now inedible. Smoke was coming from the top of the meat. I removed it from the arm of the sofa. I then saw N (the dog). He had several bald, blistered patches on the back of his neck and shoulders. I called out to PS to come and see N's injuries. PS said it was my fault for burning the food. I felt both annoyed and guilty. I took the saucepan into the kitchen and decided that I should eat the burnt food or else it would be a waste. The kitchen was exactly the same as the real-life kitchen in my London home. I started to eat the mince and was amazed to discover that it was completely raw. 

I then received a text from TB. It said that he had returned from Austin, Washington. I thought to myself that he must be wrong, as Austin is in Texas. 

I was then queueing outside a venue in Norwich. It is not one I recognise from real-life. EBG was there beside me. He tried to hold my hand, but I moved it away as it felt wrong. The queue to the building snaked round a fence. We were standing beside that fence, which was made of chain-link. It was either a dark overcast day or just turning dusk, as the light was strange and almost lilac, but the air was warm. I could see a desk in the close distance where two persons were standing selling tickets to the event being held in the venue. EBG said he was glad I was back and we started a conversation which referenced our real-life interactions - how we met, certain events which had taken place during the course of our friendship etc. Although I was feeling happy, I also felt anticipatory and slightly uneasy at my emotional responses to the situation. Suddenly something was thrown in our direction. I'm not sure what it was. It appeared to come from the front of the queue. EBG got angry and said he would "fuck up" the person who threw it. I looked at the front of the queue and could see a young man with blonde messy hair, wearing non-descript urban sportswear - a baggy top, jeans and trainers etc. He was pushing a shopping trolley loaded with random possessions, including a television. He seemed very agitated and was shouting, although I cannot recall what he was saying. I told EBG I would go and see what the problem was. I went to speak to the blonde man. When I got up close to him, I could see that he was tall and skinny. I asked him what was wrong. He was shouting aggressively and crying at the same time. He told me that his baby had been killed. I tried to comfort him. I am not sure of what specific words were said, but this interaction took place by the side of the venue we were queueing up to get into, next to some large rubbish dumpsters. We were surrounded by cardboard boxes and mess. I then rejoined EBG. I am not sure what was said, but our hands touched and it felt electric. I said words to the effect of: "Im not sure if this is a good idea..." because I could sense the chemistry, but at the same time felt in control of the situation. EBG seemed keen for me to join him. We kissed. I decided that we should go back to EBG's home. The rest can be guessed...

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