Friday, 3 August 2012

Dream 71

It was daylight and I was sitting in the living-room of my former house in Pine Grove, Sheringham. PS and another, older, unknown male was with me in the room. PS and the other man were on the sofa, facing the one I was seated on, beneath the window. PS was deciding what food he wanted to eat. 

I looked out of the window and saw that the terraced houses directly opposite was now a fast-food restaurant. It was so close to my house that I could see in through the windows. PS said: "I want lasagne, fish and chips and chicken nuggets". I said: "That's too much for one person", but the other male said: "I'll order it for you" and got out his mobile phone. He ordered the food for PS. I was annoyed that they hadn't listened to me. I stood up and got out my purse. I got the change out and held it in my hand. I said: "I will just go to the shop then" (there is a shop at the end of the road, next to the pub). I tried to count the money in my hand - it was lots of silver coins. I couldn't actually make out how much there was and I said: "I've got nearly £2" but knew this was a guess. 

I went to leave the house, but as I was in the hallway, I was apprehended. I could not see the exact faces of the persons who apprehended me in the hall, but it was not at all unsettling. I had a vision that I was actually involved in filming a scene for Eastenders in my hallway - the leaving of the house to go to the shop had somehow been written into a storyline, although the continuity of this was questionable, as the previous scene - with PS and the male ordering the food had been 'real' i.e. not part of the Eastenders storyline, not being filmed or scripted. I felt as if the filming of the 'scene' in the hallway would be a waste of time and I said to the unseen persons (I'm guessing that they were other cast members from Eastenders): "I haven't got time for this..." and went to leave again, this time making it outside. 

I then saw a vision - it was the Brannings' lounge/dining-room in Eastenders and the characters Tanya (Jo Joyner) and Max (Jake Wood) were there - it was as if I was watching the scene unfold from a third-person perspective. Tanya was dressed in a navy dress with buttons down the front and Max was wearing a grey suit with a pink shirt and tie. The lounge was decorated as it currently appears in recent episodes of Eastenders - I have attached images to this post which illustrate the lay-out of the set, both before and after the 'refurbishment'. I specifically saw the floral applique wallpaper and the newest sofa. Tanya was in labour and Max was telling her that she would have to give birth in the lounge as the ambulance would take too long to arrive and there was no other way of getting to the hospital (Tanya gave birth to her son Oscar in the Branning home in an episode aired on 14 December 2007). Tanya looked slim and not pregnant at all and I thought to myself - 'This scene has already happened' (I was questioning what I was experiencing in the dream with what I knew of the Eastenders storyline - as a superfan - in real-life) Tanya laid down on the floor and Max was kneeling beside her. They did not acknowledge my presence and I could not see film crew or cameras - the set looked like a normal four-walled room. 

I was then transported to back outside my former Pine Grove home - standing by the closed front-door. I was going to the shop. Instead of turning left to go to the shop at the bottom of the road, I turned right. Three or so houses up the road, I saw one house had white plastic garden furniture in their front garden, which opened up onto the pavement, which no fence/wall/hedge. Seated at the table closest to the pavement was a white, dark-haired male, drinking from a blue mug. I could only see the side/back of his head and wondered if this was AR - a boy who was in the year above me at school and is a Facebook friend. He turned his head and I saw that it was indeed AR. I thought: 'I better get to the shop quickly and will speak to him after'. 

I walked past quickly. I could see that about 10 metres away, where in real-life there would be more terraced houses, there was now a small shop. It had a huge old-fashioned brown sign hanging above it and it looked like a grocery shop you might expect to see in a photograph from the early 20th century. I ran up to it - noticing that I was holding my arms out straight behind me as I did so. I wondered if anyone could see me with my arms in such a strange position and felt slightly paranoid about how bizarre I must look, but did not move them into a different position, until I entered the shop. The shop was incredibly dark, dusty and old-fashioned. There was an elderly woman behind the till and two elderly men standing in the space between the shelves on the shop floor. I thought how similar this shop looked to a small grocery shop (a converted living-room essentially) which was in the middle of the line of terraces on Hull Road, York, where I lived as a student (this was a terribly poorly-stocked, over-priced shop). In my dream I was aware that this shop was not usually located amongst the houses on Pine Grove. One of the elderly men offered me a brown paper bag, by holding it out to me. He said: "Do you want to buy this?" I did not take the bag, but turned right, heading for some shelves to view the produce. I said: "No, I'm looking for a million brands of soup". I woke up.
Jo Joyner & Jake Wood aka Tanya & Max Branning from Eastenders
The Branning family home - old decor
The Branning family home - old decor
The Branning family home - new decor, as appeared in the dream
The Branning family home - new decor, as appeared in the dream

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