Saturday, 18 August 2012

Dream 78

I had so much deep sleep to catch up on, I wasn't sure if I would have many dreams which I would recall. I also drank quite a bit of vodka the night of this dream, so I was not sure what effect this would have on my dreaming (sometimes alcohol can trigger lucidity in my experience, although some research has found that alcohol can inhibit REM sleep - it may be that I am having an REM rebound effect). I did indeed have a dream, but even though I concentrated really hard on recalling it, as soon as I woke up, the memory was very confused. I will do my best to record it below. I am not sure what this dream means - I have not yet made any attempts to interpret it - but when I woke up I felt uneasy, as if I had 'witnessed' or experienced something of significance in that dream. I wish I could remember it more vividly.

I was in some room - I am not sure what the room looked like; what time of day it was; or whom was with me. There was a black carpet and the lighting was bright and I could see clearly. There was a chalk circle on the black carpet - about the size of a beach-ball, approximately. There were items inside the chalk circle - I am not sure what they were, but two of them were white and cylindrical, standing on their 'base'. The other item was a black handbag - shiny black patent leather. I picked this item up from the floor, not knowing who it belonged to. At this moment, I saw two or three pairs of legs - male and dressed in suit trousers and smart shoes - from the floor up to knee height and realised I was crouching on the floor, next to the chalk circle. The next thing I remember is placing the handbag down on a surface which was waist-height for me. I think I was still in the same room. The surface looked like a laboratory work surface of some kind, but I could not make out any other details of the room. The three males - who I could now see where normal-looking, but unfamiliar, middle-aged men, dressed for business, were standing on the other side of the counter/surface. I was asked (I cannot recall their words, only my answer) where I had got the bag from. I replied: "I picked it up from the circle". I could not see that the handbag was no longer made of black patent leather, but was clear plastic so I could see through to the contents inside. There was a 350ml bottle of whisky in the bag - it looked 3/4 full, but the liquid was very orange in colour. There were other items in the bag. I reached in and found a USB memory stick. It was soaking wet, drenched in the liquid. I thought to myself that the bottle must have come open in the bag and spilt. I was holding the USB memory stick in my outstretched arm. The males looked disappointed with me. One of them said: "You shouldn't have messed around with that!"

I was then in a dark room I could not make out. I could see very little at all, but in front of me were three white things (approximately the size of shoeboxes, and apparently square or rectangular in shape). There was a woman in the room with me. I could not see her at all and I do not know who she was. She was trying to order the three white objects, but I could not work out how she was doing so. It seemed that she was constantly listing the names of the objects (I cannot remember what she was saying, it was as if she was repeating three words - which related to the objects - in different orders). I felt as though I should offer to help her. I found myself in a situation where I was (in the dream) unsure of what the objects were, but I was repeating the words said by the woman (whom I still could not see properly, or do not remember seeing) and trying to make logical sense of the task. Even in the dream I was confused as to what this all means. 

I then saw a screen from a mobile telephone - seemingly mine. It was very large, almost laptop-sized. There was a text from PP. It said: "The three vistas are here". I could not make out the text in readable words - it all looked jumbled and blurry on the illuminated screen. I have no idea what this means, but in the dream it felt like the message was of great significance. 

I then was with EB. I couldn't really 'connect' with him, it was if we were in the same presence, but isolated and unable to communicate. All I could see was the back of his head. I could see no other details in the room - everything was really vague. I reached out and touched the back of EB's

I was back in the mysterious dark room with the three white objects and the unseen woman. Now, I think, there were more of the items. I could see the unseen woman was wearing a white apron and knew she was undertaking this task as part of a perpetual, endless task. The main memories of this dream scene were sounds, not visions. The objects were being categorised and ordered - again by the repetition of their 'names' and I knew that every time the list of names was read out, the white objects (I have no idea exactly how many there were now...) were shuffled around and their position in the line changed. I could hear the words being said, very loud and in staccato-style. I am not sure if the unseen woman in the white apron was actually saying them - it sounded like the voice was that of a children's television presenter and the direction of the sounds came from above my head. I kept hearing the same words repeated, but always in a different order. The words I recall upon waking are: "Sta", "Ska","Sakat", "Staka", "Kasa", "Skatta", "Seka", "Aksa", "Aska". I thought it was strange that all the words were made up of 'A,S,K,T,E' only. I woke up.

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