Friday, 24 August 2012

Dream 82

I was in PC's (my nan's) living-room, in her home in Sheringham. It was daylight. I could feel that there was something wrong with my left cheek. I went to the mirror above the fireplace to have a look. I appeared reasonably similar to the way I do in real-life, except my hair was light blonde and very wavy, not black. I could see a small hole in my cheek. I poked my finger into the hole in my cheek to examine it, and started pulling at whatever was inside. It was tuna fish - like the canned variety. I kept pulling huge chunks of tuna out of my cheek, it wouldn't stop coming. I felt a little worried, but not too much. My face now looked really unattractive as the greyish looking chunks of tuna were bursting out of the huge gash in the side of my left cheek. There was no blood visible. I woke up.

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